Press sample. I decided for my very first post to be a review of Blush Lacquers Flower Gathering collection. I’ve worked with Victoria since her launch last summer and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch her creations just get better and better.

Flakies have always been my favorite finish in polish so naturally I was blown away when I opened the package and laid eyes on these beauties for the first time. The collection is inspired by Victoria’s favorite poem by Robert Frost:

I left you in the morning,

and in the morning glow

You walked a way beside me,

to make me sad to go.

Do you know me in the gloaming?

Gaunt and dusty grey with roaming.

Are you dumb because you know me not?

Or dumb because you know?

All for me? And not a question,

for the faded flowers gay

That could take me from beside you

For the ages of a day.

They are yours and be the measure

Of their worth for you to treasure.

The measure of the little while,

That I’ve been long away.

Each polish is named after lines from the poem, and consists of seven polishes that are packed with various sizes of holographic flakies and contrasting shifty shimmer in various soft pastel shades. All of my swatches for this collection show three thin coats. I found all of them to dry down quickly and ready for the next coat in 2-3 minutes. I did notice some of the larger flakes may poke up a little, but if you use a light hand during application and avoid over working it, you shouldn’t have an issue. Use of a good glossy topcoat will make these pop like glass for the finishing touch.

I also found that these could also work as a heavy topper if you decided to do one coat over a regular cream. As you will see from my swatches, they build up nicely. Three coats for maximum opacity. If you choose to do two, they still look great and give a less saturated, though holographic effect.

First up, is Measure of Treasure. Described as a soft lime green with red micro flakie shimmer and various holographic flakies. The first photo is taken in artificial light.


See what I mean? Three coats and it gives an in your face color. The shimmer pops nicely and contrasts lovely in any lighting. Next, is in straight sunlight.


Second up, is Gloaming Roaming. Described as a soft cornflower blue that leans almost purple with blue/green shimmer and various holographic flakies. This one looked almost periwinkle in person. The first photo is artificial lighting, then straight sunlight.


Third, is Know Me Not. A soft pink rosey base with blue shimmer and all those lovely flakies. Same scenario, first is artificial light followed by straight up sun shots. The week I shot these, we had non stop rain and constantly gloomy weather. In these, you can see how I was battling the setting sun to finish this one up lol Ah, the life of a polish addict. Anything for the perfect lighting, right?


Fourth, is All For Me? A soft lavender base with pink micro flakie shimmer and various holo flakies. My artificial lighting swatch for this one was coming up a little darker than what I was seeing so bear in mind a more true color is in my sun shots.

allformeallformesun - Copyallformesun2

The shimmer in these just kill me. The fifth polish is Faded Flowers. Described as a soft, ballet slipper pink with red shimmer and all those holo flakes. I usually side eye nudes, as a medium toned person. And I was almost worried that it was going to wash me out, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it looked absolutely fantastic against my skin tone. I feel like this one can easily flatter all skin colors. Just look at the shimmer in this one too!


The perfect nude, right? The sixth polish is Ages of a Day. Described as a soft, sea foam aqua green with blue shimmers and packed full of holographic flakies. My artificial lighting photos were  really picking up the blue shimmer, so the appearance looks a bit more saturated. Keep in mind the sun shots are true to color.


agesofadaysun2 - Copy

The final polish in this collection is Morning Glow. This polish is free and only available when you order the full collection. Described as a soft mauvey-pink base with golden shimmer and various holographic flakies. Morning Glow is probably my favorite, with a close tie with Faded Flowers for this collection. Those that know me personally would gawk at this because I have always been a green and blue polish lover. This collection can definitely make you rethink your favorites!


There you have it. Removal for these polishes required just a touch more than normal rubbing with the cotton ball, but absolutely not terrible. In comparison with a pure micro glitter, I’d say far from it. The Flower Gathering collection is currently available to purchase from Blush Lacquers here.

The full set is $61.50, that includes the free Morning Glow. Individual bottles are $10.25.

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed my very first post 🙂