Press sample. I received four polishes of the Spring 2017 collection from Nadia, the maker for Moonflower polish. These pretties are rich pastels with a hint of shimmer, and WOW do they pop over dark colors.

They remind me of a sherbet rainbow, super bright pastels that can easily be worn on their own or stamped.

The stamper that I used for these is from Born Pretty store. I had ordered a holder and a few replacement heads like this quite some time ago. The head for this one is a super squishy type that I buffed with a magic eraser. If you’re new to stamping, this is an awesome tip if you have tried multiple stampers and can’t seem to pick up an image. That stamper works fantastic after being primed. I do own several clear jelly stampers and have found that the extremely squishy one you’ll see in my photos works the best with these polishes (at least for me, as I know everyone has their own style). I also had great results with Winstonia and Konad stampers.

Now then, let’s start with each polish over white and black topped with a quick dry topcoat. First up, is Strawberry.

I’d like to apologize for my skin tone appearing off on the white swatches for these. White polish always makes my skin look darker than my usual photos. Strawberry popped just like you see on the left in person. As opaque as it was over black, it looked just as vibrant over white. I used the Pueen nature lover plate for these. Reminded me of a Barbie dress.

This is Mint. Seriously the most perfect color ever (I may be biased in my obsession for green and blue polishes). Same consistency to Strawberry, and same lush opacity. Also with the same Pueen plate.

Lemon. I’m super impressed with this one, as yellow seems to always be the tough one to get to show well over black. As you can see, that is not an issue here. Lemon over white did appear almost neon in person just like the photo. I honestly feel that this polish over any color will still super pop. I used the geometric plate from Pueen on the black, and the nature lover for the white. I’m a goober and used two different plates for these and didn’t even realize it until typing this up. Momentary lapse in sanity apparently.

Finally, we have Periwinkle. I really love this one, definitely my second runner up if I had to pick a favorite. Just like the others, there was no issue with the black and certainly not white. I used a Halloween Pueen plate for these.  Kawaii skulls will always be awesome.

I recently ordered a gradient plate off of aliexpress at the recommendation of a good friend and decided to put these to the test. I used a light touch when picking up the image for these. Gradient stamping is AWESOME, just takes a second to get used to all that polish being picked up with your stamper. No surprises here, these looked fantastic blended together in a reciprocal gradient. I will say, my nails are a little too long for the plate so I ended up needing to stamp twice to get the base gradient down. Moonflower polishes blended perfect and had no issues again.


There’s the stamper, so you can see exactly what I was working with. The plate number is also there if anyone wanted to get their paws on it. So how did they look?


Lovely. Super up close and personal with my right hand LOL. I’m going to call that a unicorn horn. These colors are so pretty and perfect for summer looks. You can visit Moonflower polish here. The Spring 2017 pastels are $9.00 for 15ml, or $5.00 for 7ml. The full set is $70. As a stamping nutcase myself, I highly recommend giving them a try. There’s no odd smell or staining and they are 5 free.

Thanks so much for reading!