Press sample and picture heavy. I have several polishes that have recently been released from Debbie, the creative genius of Promise Polish.

I’ve been wanting to discuss her creations since I received my first package from her, as I have been using her products religiously since. I’d like to start with her Flash Shine topcoat. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen that I have raved about it (and used it in every mani since receiving it).


You can’t see it in this photo, but half that bottle is gone. I was a seche girl for a very long time. Since getting into polish, I have tried other quick dry topcoats over the years and it just didn’t work for me as well as seche did. When I tried Flash Shine for the first time, I accidently bumped by fingers (as I always do it seems) when I adjusted my light for swatching. I was shocked that dry time was just like seche, and I had no unfortunate smudge to fix before photographing. The smell isn’t nearly as strong as seche and so far I have noticed zero shrinking, or those awful lines on the sides of my nails after application. It has thickened a tiny bit now that I’ve done some damage to the bottle, but I’ll update this when I finish it if I needed to add thinner or not.

Another great thing I loved about this topcoat, is that it seems to really smooth out textured polish. I haven’t tried it on a Zoya pixie dust yet, but I can say polishes with flakies or glitter were perfectly even with one coat of this stuff. The finish is like glass, insanely glossy.

Now, for the cuticle oil. I have tried a lot of cuticle oil. A lot. My favorites have always been Baroness X royal oil and Morning Star oil. If you’ve ever tried Morning Star, you know it sells out crazy fast. I was already placing an order for Promise Polish to get her After Life polish (more on that in part II), and I was out of oil. I figured I’d give it a try since her ingredients looked interesting. This was another love at first application. It soaks into your skin quickly and is not greasy. The cuticle oil is not scented, but has a light nutty smell that is not unpleasant to the nose. If you’re sensitive to scents, I’d recommend this even more. I’ve used this oil for a ton of swatching photos, and nightly care for my nails. I’ve have great results with it and my cuticles look great! The same goes for the deluxe cuticle balm. I wouldn’t recommend that for swatching, but definitely as a nightly and morning routine if your cuticles need the extra help. It smells divine, like a fresh mango. The scent is not overwhelming either.

So. Who’s ready for some polish swatching? I have a ton of swatches from her recent releases to share. I’ve posted my favorite photos to my Instagram (@thepolishedmage). Here, I can get nitty gritty and yack your (hypothetical) ear off.


First, is Banana Blues. This is a lovely pale yellow with blue shimmer. This one was a little thin, but built up nicely in three coats for me. I feel like if it was thicker, the shimmer wouldn’t be as strong so definitely worth it. This polish was banana scented and reminded me of Runts candy. A pleasant surprise when I applied it. If you are a fan of Revlon Perfumerie polishes, then you’ll adore that most of Debbie’s creations can be scented with your choice (and there’s lots to choose from). These photos show artificial lighting, and direct sunlight.



Next, is Red Dragon. A beautiful brick red/ red orange color. There’s lots of shifty shimmer in here, some angles you’ll see gold and a hint of green. Once again, artificial lighting, direct sun and shade. There’s also microglitter that gives it a nice sparkle, but not too much. I adored this shade against my skin tone and feel it could flatter any shade. Swatches show two coats plus Flash Shine topcoat. I’d add this one to your list if you give Promise Polish a try.


Where are my fellow flakie lovers at? The third polish to share is Save The Planet. This flakie shifts from ALL kinds of colors. The first swatches shown here, is one normal coat and then one coat sponged on. Artificial lighting, sun (on an overcast day) and shade. Removal was normal, so no tugging and fighting with the cotton balls.


If you didn’t want to wear it on its own, you can always layer it over a lovely cream. I chose my favorite blue, Sinful Colors Most Sinful and one coat of Save The Planet.


The next polish is a thermal. I LOVE this one. I saw three colors during transitioning. A turquoise aqua when cold, a light green when warm and if in hot conditions, a bright yellow. If you love shimmer, this is a must have. Removal was easy peasy. Swatches show two coats plush Flash Shine topcoat. The first image is in a cold state, when first applied. Debbie’s thermals are some of the most sensitive that I’ve worn, changing immediately when I walked through my house. We always have a monstrous fan going in the bed room and just walking from the bathroom through the bed room into the kitchen, it kept transitioning. Hence my use for water in these pictures, the sucker kept changing LOL


Next up is Funny Girl. I usually shy away from glitters like these, but the formula and color shift make up for it tenfold. Two coats for coverage, and a third where I dabbed some of the glitters to even out the look. This one requires a bit of fishing, but totally worth it. With the topcoat, it made my nails look like acrylics! SQUISHYYY. The magenta is the cold state, and the sheer pink(ish) is the warm state. Once again, I had to resort to using water due to the very reactive nature of these.


Up next is Set it Straight. A wonderful thermal that is silvery white when hot and medium blue when cold with scattered holo. Same super sensitive transition as the others. I used three coats for this one, as it was thinner than the others. You can see in my cold swatch that it was still trying to transition for me on my ring finger. Sneaky thing…


I will have a part II to share in a few days that will go over her multichromes and shimmers. Honestly, I feel that Promise Polish is so underrated as an indie brand. Her nail care products and polishes are absolutely lovely, and her customer service is fantastic. You can check out her etsy store HERE. Polishes are available in three sizes ranging from 7 to 15 ml. The cuticle oil is $7.00 for a 15 ml bottle, the cuticle balm is $5.00 for 10 grams, and Flash Shine topcoat is $6.25 for 15 ml.

Thanks for reading!