Press sample. I have recently discovered how amazing a holographic multichrome is. I don’t have many in my collection, but wow do I need to change that! Parrot Polish monthlies are magical, and I have the absolute honor to share June 2017

with everyone. I’ll warn you, this post is picture heavy (I really need to stop saying that, as I tend to overload these posts with pictures!). I’d like to preface by saying June 2017 is a damn near one coater. In the following swatches I did two because my nails are awfully damaged due to me being a goober and removing some gel polish in the absolutely worst way a few months back. If you like to apply polish on the thicker side, you may be able to get away with one coat. Or, if you’re like me and destroyed your nails- two should be just fine to even out your ridges. So, you’re seeing two coats plus topcoat. This beauty is packed FULL of holo and shifts from purple, pink and gold. I have many angles and light sources to show you, so let’s start with artificial lighting.


You can see all that yummy chrome finish and holo coming to life there. Next, is direct sun. Prepare your retinas!


Depending on your angle, even in direct sun you can see the gold shift. Next, I have some shade close ups. I’m awful at macro’s, so I prefer a close side shot instead.


It literally glows. Now, for some angled and shifty shots. You guys need to see how much it can change depending on your light and angle. Here, I shot in various shaded areas and the sun mostly behind me. My neighbors think I’m nuts.


That lush purple almost pulls indigo in the shade. You can see the pink and gold coming out too. June 2017 is available now HERE and is $13.00. David and Sonja have the best customer service, and ship insanely fast- so prepare to have your parrots fly home quickly! (I seriously don’t understand how, I’m pretty sure they have trained parrots fly them directly to you 😉 )

Thanks for reading!