Press sample. I’ve been insanely sick the last week and a half. I don’t know what’s worse, getting sick during the summer or winter. I’ve been feeling a little more human so back to posting! Today I’m sharing Parrot Polish’s July 2017 monthly.

I really, really love this one. There’s a ton going on with it, and if you checked out my post on June 2017 you’ll see David doesn’t play when it comes to holographic multichromes. 🙂 July boasts a color shift through oranges, reds and golds and packed full of holo yumminess. My swatches show two coats, plus topcoat. This is another one coater depending on application. As my nails are damaged and ridged, I did two thin coats for evenness. Application is seriously lush and opaque.

Let’s start with artificial lighting indoors. The orange glows!


Next, is direct sunlight. Double rainbow!


And here, I’ll show you guys some color roll! These are taken in shade with the sun around the corner and shade with the sun behind me. I absolutely love how these came out. You can see almost a reddish effect in the first one where the gold and orange are peeking out.


And finally, some more shade swatches. I also saw lots of shiftiness indoors as well, just like these shots:


YUM. As a bonus, here are some swatches of a polish called Brooke’s Smile. This was a lovely custom for a customer in the fan group. Swatches of this beauty are shown with two coats plus topcoat.


July 2017 is available now on the shop’s website and on Amazon, HERE for $13.00. I can’t say enough good things about my Parrots. Formula is always on point, and these colors are just stunning! Remember, if you love instant gratification- these bad boys ship super fast! Removal was very easy. On a scale of cream to pixie dust, I’d say like a cream.

Thanks so much for reading! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! ❤