Press sample. I have a few items of various nail art and polish products to share. These were provided to me in return for an honest review.

I have two thermal reactive gel polishes and three stamping plates to share. One of the plates is a stamping guide (not shown in the next picture).


First, I’d like to start with the gel polishes. As a quick note, the lamp I use is from Red Carpet manicure, all purchased by me. It comes in a nifty little kit that you can purchase at Ulta. The exact one is here. When I swatched both of these gels, I did not use a gel base coat. I applied a layer of UNT peel off base coat for easy removal. I followed with two cured layers of the thermal gels and finished with Red Carpet’s brilliance topcoat.

First, is a pink thermal. This is item number 37942 and the color option is 5739. I found the formula a little thicker than normal gel polish, almost like a super jelly consistency. Definitely did not make application difficult, just prepare to make thicker coats than what you normally would apply with your run of the mill gel cream. I cured the two layers twice with my lamp, as I’ve found a lot of gel products (aside from Red Carpet) need a little longer to cure successfully with this lamp. This thermal is a little more subtle, but still very pretty. There’s micro glitters throughout, that required no fishing.  When warm, it is a subtle pink, flirting with being colorless. In the cold state, it is a darker pink. Very feminine. With the two coats, you can just barely see your nail line. If that bothers you, then you may try three sparse/thin coats and it should be completely opaque. My swatch shows transition, I found this one to be very reactive with temperature, changing as I applied it to my nails. You can see the cold state on my tips.


The second gel thermal is item number 37942 in the color number 5728. This one had an identical formula to the pink. Very gelatinous, but not too hard to apply. This polish is a must have if you’re a gel lover. I was absolutely blown away when I finished application. Just gorgeous, in your face color with effortless transition. When warm, this is a lovely light blue, and cold it is a vibrant violet. This one also has white and light blue micro glitters throughout, that really make the whole polish come to life. My swatch shows it in transition.


Now for the stamping plates. I found both of these to be a little finicky to use. The etching is not as deep as some of the better plates out there, so someone new to stamping may have a bit of difficulty. I used a clear jelly stamper I purchased off of aliexpress to pick up my images. It took me way longer than normal to finish my manicures, as it was a little frustrating to try and get a crisp image. If you’re a seasoned stamper, know that you’ll need to play with different stampers to get the image to come up nicely. All in all, if you have patience you can eventually get some of these super cute images to come up.

First, I’ll start with the unicorn plate (item number 39130). I had to have it when I saw it, and it was the first item I requested for my review. I did two mani’s with this plate.

The first look, I used two coats of mad world by Illyrian polish and stamped using Moonflower polish in Noche. The image was filled in with Sally Hansen gold chrome and finished with Promise Polish Flash Shine topcoat. This polish is a touch darker in person, the shimmer seemed to take over in my light set up. Beautiful in person though. It is not available through the maker’s website anymore, but you may find it in destash groups on facebook.


Next, I went full on unicorn to use as many of those adorable images as I could. I applied three thin coats of China Glaze Liquid Crystal. The glitter payoff is awesome on this one. I’ve been trying to get through as many untrieds as I can, and if I would have worn this one when I bought it, I’d have known to grab as many from this collection as possible. The shame. I used a ton of Moonflower polishes for the stamps. Noche for the initial image, then I made decals and colored in with lemon, mint, strawberry, rosa, periwinkle, and violeta. All topped with Promise Polish Flash Shine topcoat.


The second plate is the space plate (item number 39126). I’m a space geek and want to get my paws on anything space themed. Like the unicorn plate, this one’s etching leaves room for wanting. It was trying to get an image to pull up, but I found very gently scraping your polish off at a smaller angle gave me more success. For this look, I created a gradient with Sinful Shine Set The Mood and Moonflower polish Noche. I used Moonflower’s Dia for the stamps and double stamped some of the images with Color Club Harp on It. The little astronaut was created by making a decal, where I colored in with Harp on It. I added a few dots with a toothpick to balance out the constellation stamps using Dia. I’m very pleased with how this one came out, I just wish the plate was etched deeper for ease of use.


Finally, I have an item that is very new to me. I’ve been doing nail art and obsessing over my nails for quite some time but I have never used a stamping guide before. I’ll be real honest when I say that I didn’t know what the hell to do with this thing. I was asked to review this along with the items I picked out. This is something I never would have thought to use and I’ll admit, I was quite intimidated with it when I pulled it out. I stared at it thinking, what can I possibly create with these shapes??


I had a lightbulb moment and figured a ruffian would look pretty cool using the curved edges to these guides. When I sat down to mess with it, I found it was actually pretty handy. I thought it would really get in the way of me picking up an image and it definitely did not do that. You basically place it flush against your image when you go to pick up with your stamper. It didn’t hinder me in the least. For the final product, I used Moonflower turquesa and azul. To make the guided image more obvious I used a very thin brush and outlined using MPolish to have and to holo (this polish is no longer available, but you could get away using Color Club harp on it if you were looking for something similar).


Overall, it’s a neat tool to have. Personally, I would go for a guide that had more interesting shapes in my honest opinion.

If you’re new to Born Pretty store, they are based in China so you’re shipping time can vary by several weeks. The quickest I’ve received a package was three weeks, while the longest wait was about six. Worth it honestly, the products are affordable if you’re looking to try out several things. The gel polishes are currently $2.59 for 5 ml, the unicorn and space plate are currently at $2.99 and the stamping guides are $3.99 right now. Use my code TBB10 for 10% off regular items! You can access the Born Pretty store here and just type in those item codes if you wanted to find these in particular.

Thanks so much for reading!