Press sample. I have four of eight new polishes from Moonflower Polish to share. I have a ton of info to squeeze into this post, so bare with me ūüėÄ This collection was inspired by Nadia’s home country, Puerto Rico.

They are named for various places that are special to her and you can really tell there’s a little piece of her in every color. They’re wonderful shimmery metallics that I really put through a good run to see what all they could do. I used various stamping plates and stampers, so I’ll try to make this as read-easy as possible.

I found all four to be almost identical in formula. They are thicker than the previous two collections, so I added 6 drops of Seche Vite thinner to each and they performed phenomenally. Nadia stated that she is going to slightly tweak the formula so when they arrive to you, they’ll be ready to go.

Let’s start with Huracan (Hurricane). Hurricanes are a natural occurrence to the Caribbean. This beauty is¬†described as¬†a gray metallic with shifty shimmers¬†that can be seen going through red/green/blue/purple with dark purple micro¬†flakes. This one almost leans a cool toned¬†purpley grey to me and the shimmer looks great when worn¬†on its own. The flakes are subtle.

Plate Used: Lealac LLC-A Stamp

Stamper: Clear jelly from aliexpress

moonflower polish huracan

Super pretty over black, right? Now here’s Huracan over white. I really wanted everyone to see how nice they were picking up for me, so I have pics of my stampers too for each polish.

Plate: Lealac LLC-A

Stamper: Winstonia soft double ended stamper

moonflower polish huracan stampermoonflower polish huracan white stamp

You can see that shimmer peeking through there. To me,¬†it leans almost¬†like a burnt purple if that makes sense.¬†The¬†next swatch is Huracan by itself. This is one coat¬†with seche on top. All of these are easily¬†one coaters if you’re careful with your brush and don’t overwork it. My swatch was taken outdoors with my phone for best accuracy since my camera decided to go a little nuts and make these way off color. The stamped swatches are with my camera.

moonflower polish huracan phone sun

The second polish is Atardecer en el Morro (Sunset in el Morro). This polish was inspired after the Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, which is a 16th century citadel at the entrance to San Juan Harbor and is a popular tourist attraction.¬†This was¬†a frequent spot that Nadia hung out at. The color is based off of the sunsets there, also the place¬†and¬†time she was proposed to! (I’m totally jelly, proposed¬†at sunset with an old building in back ‚̧ ).

Atardecer en el Morro is described as a metallic orange with pink/purple/orange shimmer and gold micro flakes. This one was really in your face no matter how you wear it.

My first swatch is over black, (all of these are over one coat of Moonflower’s noche, for the record).

Plate: Pet’la Mystery II

Stamper: Clear jelly stamper from aliexpress

moonflower polish atardecer en el morro

This one is awesome for summer looks, and I can say it would also be a must have for fall mani’s too.

Plate: Creative shop #35

Stamper: Winstonia soft double ended stamper

moonflower polish atardecer en el morro white stamp

moonflower polish atardecer en el morror stamper

Once again, my full swatches are with my phone to preserve the color accuracy as much as I can. This one is a tiny bit less neon looking in person. The shimmer really pops though. This is also with one coat and Seche Vite on top.

moonflower polish atardecer en el morro phone sun

The third polish is Mar Caribe (Caribbean Sea). Described as a metallic aqua with green/purple color shifting shimmer and gold/green/blue micro flakes. This polish was inspired by the crystal waters of a specific beach near the town of Guanica.¬†I’m completely in love with this shade, it’s utter perfection. If you’re a blue/mint/green lover, I’d say this is a must have for your stamping arsenal. This polish was the reason I went ahead and used my phone for full swatch photos, it’s a little trickster that freaked my camera out. The swatch over black and white appears¬†a touch cooler than what it appeared for me in person.

Plate: Creative shop #35

Stamper: Clear jelly from aliexpress

moonflower polish mar caribe stamp 2

This image on the stamper is very color accurate.

moonflower polish Mar Caribe stamp

Mar Caribe over white. Handles those fine lines without any issue.

Plate: Pet’la mystery II

Stamper: Winstonia soft double ended stamper

moonflower polish mar caribe white stamp

Full swatch. Absolute perfection. One coat with seche vite on top. This is what I saw in person as far as color.

moonflower polish mas caribe phone sun

Alright, purple lovers. I saved this one for you all, last. Even I was eyeballing the hell out of this one when I played with it. See, I even went all italicized about it too.

Orquideas (Orchids). Described as a metallic violet with indigo/purple/red shimmer and purple/blue micro flakes. Orchids are very common in Puerto Rico, and in Nadia’s mother’s and grandmother’s front porches they were growing all over the place. Orchids are also in my top two favorite flowers so I’m all over this one.

Plate: Cici and Sisi #12 (from the pink book)

Stamper: Clear jelly from aliexpress

moonflower polish orquideas stamp 2moonflower polish orquideas stamp

Orquideas over white.

Plate: Lealac LLC-A

Stamper: Winstonia soft double ended stamper

moonflower polish orquideas stamp white

And finally, Orquideas in its full glory by itself. Again, one coat with Seche on top. Drool.

moonflower polish orquideas sunlight swatch phone

Now for my favorite part of my polish obsession. Putting it all together and making some art happen! If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been using Moonflower Polishes in a ton of advanced stamping mani’s and always compliment the fact that, when filling in the images on the stamper I don’t have to flood the stamp to get it opaque. I am able to easily ‘color in’ and move on with the next steps. So, I really wanted to take these polishes and see what they’re made of. I made a gradient with Mar Caribe, Orquideas, and Huracan and I only had to sponge over my naked nail TWICE with these bad boys. Like other Moonflowers, ‘coloring in’ was a breeze too. I used Hehe plate 034 to create a Phoenix. I blended ¬†Atardecer en el Morro with a little bit of Moonflower’s Rojo to bring out some fiery feathers.


So how did it come out? Once again, I apologize for the phone swatch but Mar Caribe just won’t behave with my camera!



There you have it. My favorite is Mar Caribe¬†since that’s in my favorite shade family but Orquideas really is shoving and fighting for that spot as well. They worked very well and I feel like these would be great for any skill level of stamper. I found that a¬†light touch straight down on your plates with a medium or firm stamper will give you the best results.

EDIT: If you’ve been wanting to try Moonflower Polish, I have a code for 10% off your order, including The polishes from the Summer Collection! Use ‘TRISHA10’ at checkout. ‚̧

The full collection releases June 23 at 9am EST. These will not be a pre-order. The full size set will be $70, with individuals $9. Mini full sets will be $38 and individual $5. You can check out Nadia’s website HERE.

Thanks so much for reading!