Purchased by me. I bought this collection quite some time ago, and like all of my shifty pee shimmer polishes, it went straight on my wall rack for display. Baroness X is one of my top five favorite brands to keep on my radar.

Even with being on a super buy ban over the last few months, I still like to lurk and see (read: torment myself) with what’s coming out and what I should stalk resale groups for when I’m ready to purchase. I’m trying to get over the fact that I should USE my coveted polishes and enjoy them, so I took out Quixotica and while applying, decided my Golem attitude needs to be rid of so I can share with everyone how gorgeous these are. Especially since they’re available in the shop now, and I feel like every pee pigment lover should have them. I’m pretty sure I’ll be ordering backups once my buy ban is over. They’re really that good.

The brand itself has never disappointed me. From the monthly exclusives, standard release polishes, and all of the bath and body products they’re all amazing. So I’ll start with the polish that inspired me to write this post.

Quixotica- a teal jelly with pegasus pee (gold to blue) shimmer and speckled with lovely rainbow flakies and micro holo shards. My swatch shows two coats under artificial lighting. I was sparing in coats, because of my fear, ha. They’re all jellies so you can really build in opacity and color. You’ll see in a bit that layering is epic with them as well.


So beautiful. The next is Molino. A berry red with gold to blue shimmer and multicolored flakies. This swatch is also two coats under artificial lighting.


Now for Dulcinea. This is one is so in your face with (red to green) pee against the violet jelly. It was the thinnest in formula in my opinion, so my swatches of the two coats didn’t seem to really do this beauty justice. Instead, I layered it over vulcan blood- a lovely cobalt jelly that was created for another pee polish that was a facebook fan group exclusive. Shown here is two coats of vulcan blood, and one coat of dulcinea. My VNL is showing here, more so than the previous two polishes but in person away from bright lighting it is WAY less obvious.


Finally, Alhambra. If I could have everything in this shade of blue, I would be one happy lady. This shade of cobalt is SEXY. Like dulcinea, it really throws forth that awesome shimmer in your face. Unfortunately, it was being a little shy in these swatches but trust me that it’s so magical in person. Hell, I keep looking down at my fingers as I type this. Shown here is one coat over two coats vulcan blood. Again, VNL is less obvious away from super bright lights.


This is a tiny bit less vibrant when worn on its own.

I can’t recommend buying these enough! They’re in the shop HERE, seriously click that link it’ll take you right to them! Dulcinea and Alhambra are $15.00 for full size, and Molino and Quixotica are $14.00 full size. If you’re like me, and selfish with your pee, you can also find vulcan blood on sale in the shop, $7.00 for full size.

If you haven’t joined the facebook fan group, you need to! The last few group customs were epic unicorn pee polishes as well, so go look up ‘The X Army’.

You’re welcome in advance, and save a set for me when I get my back ups! 😀

Thanks so much for reading!