Purchased by me. I’ve had these polishes for a long time. You can find most of these colors on the Hypnotic website, but recently US distributors have had access to this brand. I bought them from a Russian stockist.

A good friend of mine asked for opinions on Masura polishes and thus, this post was created!

Masura polishes require a black undie to wear for maximum awesomeness, however I wanted to see what they would be like on their own because let’s face it… no one really likes to wear undies 😉 So welcome to my commando experiment!

All photo’s taken under artifical lighting. I’ll describe colors as I saw them after adding the magnetic effect. I used the Masura neodymium magnet and it worked very well. When I first bought these, I tried a strong magnet I got off of Amazon and it totally pulled up the polish! As a science geek, it was cool to watch the polish slowly creep up to the magnet like a mad scientist’s living goop come to life (It’s ALIVE!!!) but as a nail addict… not so much.

The Diamond Planet. A dark teal almost navy jelly with light blue magnetic effect with scattered holo particles. Very ethereal in person. Two coats on its own, plus topcoat. I promise there’s a cat’s eye design on these but the angle I hold my hand at made it look like I went crazy with the magnet. Very pretty, like a galaxy. Nice, rich formula that was easy to work with. (Think old school chromes). Definitely wearable by itself.

Masura The Diamond Planet

The Red Square Nebula. Deep ruby red with light pink magnetic effect and scattered holo particles. Two coats plus topcoat. Another lush formula that applied very opaque. This one appears a little patchy closer to my cuticles, and it did thin a bit along those areas but away from strong lighting it is not that noticeable. So I’d say, yes it can be worn alone.

Masura The Red Square Nebula

The Pillars of Creation. Forest green with light green almost white magnetic effect and scattered holo particles. Two coats with topcoat. This one did thin a bit more than Red Square Nebula but still not that noticeable in person.

Masura The Pillars of Creation

Galaxy Collisions. Smokey dark grey with silver magnetic effect and scattered blue glitters throughout. Two coats plus topcoat. I’m going to break my anti-super dark polish opinion and say this is GORGEOUS. WOW. Those glitters are amazing. However, I will say this would require the black undie as the thinning was obvious in person just like you see in bright lighting. Unfortunately, doesn’t pass the anti-undie test. The formula on this was a little thinner than the others.

Masura Galaxy Collisions

Solar Corona. Baby poo green- kidding. Dark chartreuse with lighter olive green magnetic effect and scattered holo particles. Two coats with topcoat. Not my favorite, color aside. This is the thinnest in the bunch and was very obviously in need of the undie.

Masura Solar Corona

Rhodonite of Success. Cherry red with pink magnetic effect. Two coats plus topcoat. A little thinning after the magnet, but not noticeable in regular lighting. I like the simplicity of the colors, it absolutely looks like a precious stone in person. I’d say it passes the no undie test.

Masura Rhodonite of Success

There you have it! Color4Nails just got some Masura’s in on preorder. They range from $10.00 to $10.50 depending on the polish. You can access them HERE. My impression of Masura is very good and I’d definitely recommend trying them out if anyone was curious. Formula was nice, depending on the finish and there was no staining. The polishes that had the glitters and particles in them were not hard to remove at all and came off with ease. My absolute favorite is Galaxy Collision with The Diamond Planet coming in close second.

Thanks so much for reading!