Press sample. I’m super geeked to share my swatches of the Ice and Fire Collection from Baroness X! I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones, the books and show both. The set consists of nine polishes inspired by the houses of our beloved

(and loathed) characters and named after their motto’s. I really feel like each shade captured the themes very well and these colors are epic! There is a tenth bonus polish, but more on that later.

I found all of these to have incredible formula that all but applied themselves. No staining, all are easy to remove with usual effort. All swatches are top coated with Seche Vite and photos are taken under artificial lighting.

We Do Not Sow- (House Greyjoy) black with a metallic copper shimmer. The formula on this one is LUSH. Shown here is two easy coats. I can’t rave enough about this one, it seriously glows from within. No streaking, dragging or bald spots on either coat. The shimmer gives it a lovely sparkly effect too.

baroness x we do not sowbaroness x we do not sow 2baroness x we do not sow 3

Fire and Blood- (house Targaryen) dark grey with silver shimmer, red shimmer and red microflakies. Another rich buttery formula. Swatch shows two coats. The shimmers in this one almost give a duochrome feel depending on what lighting you’re around.

baroness x fire and bloodbaroness x fire and blood 2

baroness x fire and blood 4

Family, Duty, Honor- (house Tully) rust red with metallic silver shimmer, blue shimmer and blue microflakies. This one appears to be light(er) like this in person due to all that amazing shimmer in there. Swatch shows three coats. You can absolutely get away with two coats, but my free edge is very light colored so I needed the third.

baroness x family, duty, honorbaroness x family, dute honor 2baroness x family, duty, honour 3

Winter is Coming- (house Stark) light grey crelly with metallic silver shimmer and gunmetal microflakies. Swatch shows three coats. This is the sheerest in the collection, but totally worth it because the way the flakes and shimmer pop up is just perfect. My absolute favorite polishes are always pale crellies!

baroness x winter is coming 2baroness x winter is comingbaroness x winter is coming 3

Hear Me Roar- (House Lannister) cranberry red with gold shimmer, red shimmer and gunmetal flakies. Swatch shows two coats. Another lovely formula with that ultra lush feel to the brush strokes. I was super impressed to see no staining with how rich that color is. This one appears a touch darker in person, my camera REALLY wanted to pick up the shimmer giving it a slightly lighter appearance.

baroness x hear me roarbaroness x hear me roar 2baroness x hear me roar 3 As High As Honor- (house Arryn) cerulean blue jelly with metallic silver shimmer. Swatch shows three thin coats that built up nicely and dried down quickly. No fussing on this one either. This is also a touch darker in person, once again my camera was chasing after the shimmer.

baroness x as high as honorbaroness x as high as honor 2baroness x as high as honor 4

Growing Strong- (house Tyrell) oxidized copper with metallic copper shimmer and gold shimmer. Swatch shows three coats. Another buttery application. You can definitely get away with two coats if your free edge doesn’t stick out like mine. Can we talk about the most perfect shade of green too? I may be biased in my love of green polishes but WOW. Just look at it:

baroness x growing strong 2


baroness x growing strongbaroness x growing strong 4

Ours Is the Fury- (house Baratheon) antiqued gold with metallic gold shimmer and gunmetal flakies. Shown here is three thin coats that build nicely and evenly. Again, no bald spots or fussing with all that shimmer. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous when I initially saw the bottle in fear of it washing out my skin tone. I was very pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it on my nails. Not too blingy, but perfect with the flakes and shimmer. I’ve discovered that I really like how antique gold looks on me! It almost has a textured look, but I assure you that it is completely flat against my nails.

baroness x ours is the fury 4baroness x ours is the fury 3baroness x ours is the fury 2

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken- (house Martell) teracotta with gold metallic shimmer and red microflakies. Swatch shows three thin coats. Another polish that, if your free edge isn’t as bright you can definitely get away with two coats, in my opinion. This one has a lovely super creamy feel to it when applying.

baroness x unbowed, unbent, unbrokenbaroness x unbowed, unbent, unbroken 2baroness x unbowed, unbent. unbroken 3

These are the main polishes for the Ice and Fire collection, available now. You can purchase the full size set for $85.00 or choose five for $50.00. In either set purchase you will receive the Night’s King polish, which is a LE blue crelly with turquoise flakies, white glass shimmer, and holo that glows blue.

Individual bottles are $10.50 for 15 ml.

You can access the Ice and Fire collection –>HERE<–. Be sure to check out the bath and body section too. The Royal Oil soaks wonderfully into your skin and makes your cuticles look fantastic, and her scents are so on point!

Thanks so much for reading!