Press sample. I have another review of some products from Born Pretty store. This time, I decided to review all things pertaining to those nifty powders that are made to make gel mani’s into pure magic. I’ve got a little bit of everything so let’s get started!

I used Red Carpet manicure’s LED lamp, as well as their black, white and red for these reviews. My no wipe topcoat was OPI’s axxium gel topcoat.

First, is what is called ‘Unicorn Powder’. This is item no. 39940. I gently rubbed the powder over these manis, and it was super easy to use. I love this one, a must have. It looks so magical over white. If I had to give a strict definition as to what it does, it creates a glass look with a pink/green/blue shift over any color you put it over.

Over white:

unicorn powder

Over black: (I seriously jaw dropped on this one. It is insanely shifty. Pink in the center, burgundy, green, gold and blue on extreme angles). Under regular indoor lighting, you’ll see the lighter pink.

unicorn powder blackunicorn powder black 2unicorn powder black 3


Over red: (keep in mind this is a tomato red, and it morphed the look to be so different)

unicorn powder 3

Next, is a multichrome flakie. Item no. 40147 in color option #5. Lots of gorgeous shift on this one. Indigo and light purple as primary with gold, green and pink at extreme angles. I found this one easier to apply by lightly pressing the flakes onto my nails, then gently brushing with the little sponge applicator that it came with. (Let’s be honest, the applicator that comes with all of these is an eyeshadow brush). It reminds me of the flakie polishes from ILNP. If you’ve ever sponged on those polishes, this is almost exactly how it looks. The swatch on the site makes this color option look more brilliant teal as the primary color, but I’d say more of an indigo.


The next two are straight multichrome flakies as well. I will be completely honest and say that I was a bit underwhelmed with these. They shift nicely, but it’s definitely not as in your face as the website would have you believe. I applied these the same way I applied the above. Lightly pressing onto the nails, then gently rubbing in.

You can wear these also by lightly dusting the flakes onto your nails for a scattered effect. I found them to REALLY want to stick together so I didn’t show them applied like that.

Item no. 39957 in color option 4. A pink to gold duochrome. The website makes it look like a gorgeous in your face almost fushcia to gold. Not quite what I got. The pink is more of an antiqued shade and the shift is mostly green. I did see the gold in there, but it’s predominantly green. Pretty, but the site is not accurate.

pink to orangepink to orange 2

Same item number, but color option 5. On the site, it looks like a glorious phoenix feather. Intense red to gold. This was my absolute least favorite of the bunch. I was very underwhelmed and felt like it was the most inaccurate one. The shift is more a maroon to orangy/burnt gold. Pretty, but not what I’d be able to convince someone to commit to a gel mani to use. Definitely a duochrome you can find in regular polish.

red to orangered to orange 2

I’ll quit being a sour grape and share one that I really liked. Again, not accurate to the site but still lovely. This is item no. 39678 in color option 2. A multichrome flake with holographic powder. Shinyyyy. This one, you can rub onto your nails for a colored, holo, mirror effect; or you can dust it over your nails to give a scattered look. There’s so much going on with this powder though, that I found it difficult to do a nice even scatter so I did both. I rubbed it onto my nails, then patted it down. The result was an awesome holo with flakies all over the place. Love love love.


This next one is a MUST HAVE. Now THIS is something I could convince someone to get into gels for. Item no. 39677. What is called galaxy flakes. Mmm. I keep wiggling my fingers and looking down at my hands while typing this up. The photo’s make this look textured, but I assure you it’s flat and glossy on my nails from the final top coating. This is another one that you can dust over your nails for a scattered look, or rub in for in your face, blinding holo. I found the scattered look very easy to achieve with this, as well as the brushing on. I got a little awkward in the hand poses to really show this one off. If you love blingy nails that light up even in dim indoor lighting, this is for you.

holoholo 2holo3holo 4

Now THAT’S a rainbow.

Overall I’d definitely recommend the galaxy powder, multichrome with holo and the unicorn powders. Those are so worth it to dabble with gels for. The other two I really feel like you can easily find in the indie polish world. The multichrome with holo might exist as well, but it’s still worth it in my opinion. All of these are in the $2-$3 range so even better. Although, I would totally purchase the larger option for the galaxy flakes and unicorn powder, because wow. You can access Born Pretty storeĀ –>HERE<–, which I even linked you to the rainbow. If searching for any of the others, just search those item numbers.

Shipping ranges from anywhere between 3-6 weeks. This particular package arrived at week five.

Don’t forget to use code TBB10 for 10% off regular priced items.

Thanks so much for reading!