Purchased by me. Today is my birthday, so I wanted to wear a crelly full of sparkles and color as I always have on this epic day for the last few years. I fell in love with the swatches I saw on Instagram from new to me brand,

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited. I really had to have the Facebook group custom 2 though. It was love at first site and I knew it was going to make for an awesome birthday mani. I figured there might be others that are new to PBU, so I’ll give a full review on my experience.

I almost missed this custom. I actually became ‘that customer’ and posted to the group in a panic that I had missed this perfect little bottle. Thankfully the maker is patient and wonderful and listed it back on the site for me. SCORE. From checkout to delivery was one week. Granted, she is not far from me in this massive land of Texas, but TAT was as stated (1-5 business days).

Packaging was in standard bubble wrap, layered with lovely tissue paper and a cute bubbled sticker. Fun fact, I hoard these and stick them all over my nail supply caddy.

In my order, was a sample of her cuticle oil in the scent cranberry and lemon tonic.


I’d like to state that this is a scent that based off of the name, I probably would have passed up. I’m a bakery or floral gal if I’m given a choice. However, this was freaking delightful. Not overpowering, but a medium toned sweet cranberry scent (not candy like, more like cranberry juice if that makes sense) with a hint of lemon undertones, very crisp. When applying to my nails, and having my hands against my nail desk, I can smell it, but it’s not slapping me in my face. The formula is a little more concentrated feeling than what I usually use but not overly greasy. After about fifteen minutes, it had absorbed into my skin giving that nice conditioned look. Overall, I really liked it.

For the sake of demonstration, I applied it then proceeded to take my swatch photos. You’ll see exactly what it looks like within minutes of application in these images.

Now, onto the pretty little crelly that I couldn’t get out of my head. This is a very pale pink, almost leaning off white. There is literally an explosion of things going on in it, just like how I love my crellies to be. Holo micro glitters, gold shimmer, rainbow matte glitters and what appears to be some multichrome flakies too. Moving your hands around, there’s a subtle sparkle.

I applied over a clear base coat. The brush is very nice. There’s lots of bristles on it, and it fans easily during application. It’s not skinny, but not a wide brush either. Formula was lovely, I didn’t have to fish to pickup all that awesomeness and the coats built nicely. Complete opacity for me was achieved at three coats. Two is completely doable, if you don’t mind a pinch of VNL showing. I like depth to my polishes, so I don’t mind.

custom 2custom 3custom

I’m really impressed with this polish, and I definitely recommend giving the brand a checkout and try. Group custom 2 isn’t available anymore but there’s loads more pretties to be found on her site. If you’re a crelly collector, I lovingly shove you in that direction.

You can access the site ->HERE<-.

Have you tried Pretty Beautiful Unlimited? Do you have a tradition for your birthday mani’s? Let me know!