Press sample. Today I’m sharing some epic toppers that are re-releasing from Baroness X. There is literally something for everyone here and if you love shifty and missed out when they were available before, you’ll be in paradise.

Get comfy, I’ve got a super loaded post that I went a little insane on swatches with. I’ll be posting these to my instagram very soon, and I’ll have an application video for each so you can see what I am referring to when discussing formula, etc.

Full disclosure, the black undie I am wearing in all of these is Moonflower polish noche. The matte topcoat I used is Essie’s matte about you. I figured I would use the most matte topcoat I have. Glossy topcoat used is Seche Vite.

When we think of toppers, there’s usually a negative connotation associated with them. That’s not that case with this quartet. They’re a nice, thick formula that is easy to work with. I feel like Baroness X really pioneered toppers and if you give them a chance you’ll fall in love with them. These are all very saturated, very in your face that you won’t need to struggle to coat your entire nail evenly. They stay put as you’re applying and dry down flat. In my honest opinion more than one coat of any of these is overkill. I really wanted to show just how awesome they are, so be sure to check out my Instagram (@thepolishedmage) to see my swatch videos.

I’d like to start off with Oracle. This one is nuts. Well, they’re all nuts but I’d highly recommend multichrome lovers get their paws on it. Green to violet shift with green to purple chromaflair microglitter. In person, I saw a foresty green in the primary and just a little wiggle of your fingers you’ll see this saturated purple and/or indigo, and in extreme angles even a little gold. Those little glitters almost contrast the shift you’ll see in the ‘base’. There’s literally a rainbow going on. My swatches show one coat over black. Removal required just a little more effort than say, a cream but nothing that requires lengthy soaking. The formula was this delightful gelatinous feel that was insanely saturated from the first brush stroke. There was no fishing, or placement needed. You seriously only need one coat.

oracle 2oracle 3oracle 4oracle 5

Oracle matted. As mentioned previously, I used my harshest matte since that seems to be the most preferred type in the community. Trust me when I say Oracle just glowed like a witches brew. You definitely see the indigo leaning blue like this and the chromaflair glitters gave it almost a galaxy effect.

oracle matteoracle matte 2oracle matte 3

Realist. Bright indigo with blue to red shifting chromaflair microglitters with a sprinkle of red/orange to green shifting iridescent glitter. Oh myyy. This is like someone smashed a sapphire into fine dust and put it all over my nails. Swatch shows one coat over black. Same jelly formula that was rich and very saturated. No running, it stays where you put it and is very manageable. The glitters contrasted nicely and appeared almost copper in extreme angles. This one freaked my camera out, it was like it didn’t know where to focus since there was so much GLOW. Removal was similar to Oracle, requires a little bit more effort but not a pain like super microglitters.

realist 4realist 2realistrealist 3

Realist matted. Like an LED embedded there lol the glitters give this one a galaxy feel as well.

realist matte 3realist matte 4realist matte

Oz. Gold to blue shifting pigment with gold to blue shifting chromaflair glitters. Be still my heart. I included some extra photos here because if I barely tilted my hand, the inner glow would shift and you can see some teal in extreme angles. I feel like it is safe to say this gold shifty beauty will look fantastic on anyone. Oz is like a firework on your nail, it’s a little blingy but so shifty.

baroness x oz 4baroness x oz 3baroness x oz 8baroness x ozbaroness x oz 2

Oz matted. Same glowly appearance, as if lit from within. The glitters give an ornamental feel. Like Oracle, you’ll still see it shift easily even with the matte over it.

Oz matteOz matte 2

Avatar. Red/orange to green shifting pigment with red/orange to green shifting iridescent glitter. In other words, Unicorn Pee with matching glitters. Hot damn, you guys. Avatar is like a phoenix feather on your nails. I saw a deep crimson, a burning fiery red, deep orange, gold and on tilt a brilliant emerald green. Same easy jelly formula and very saturated application. Removal was easy, like the others it took just a smidge more effort for the glitters, but not unreasonable. I can safely say this is one of my top unicorn pee picks. Those glitters really give an already incredible pigment extra magic.

avatar 3avatar 6avatar 5avatar 2avatar 2 (crappy monitor)

Avatar matte. Like burning ember with some emerald magic. Super glowey like the rest in the collection, and the shiftiness is retained as well under matte conditions.

avatar matteavatar matte 4avatar matte 5avatar matte 2

My top picks would have to be Avatar and Oz. I’m so glad these are being restocked, they’re so magical. The shifty shimmers found in Realist, Oracle and Oz are dubbed pegasus pee. Pictures just don’t do these babies justice.

The Psychedelia collection will be restocked on September 2 on a preorder basis (yisss).

Full size: Oracle and Avatar $14 each, Realist and Oz $12.

Sets: Full size $48, Mini size (8ml) $30.

They’ll be on the Baroness X siteย ->HERE<-.

Be sure to join the facebook fan group, The X Army for sneak peaks and other magical creations to be announced.

Thanks so much for reading!