Press sample. I have a wonderful multichrome set to share today! These are super shifty polishes that look great stamped or worn on their own. This time I used the Pueen super squishy stamper with the pink holder. If you check out my previous Moonflower posts, you’ll see that I used the Winstonia medium stamper,

and clear jelly stamper from aliexpress. I found those two stampers worked just as well for pick up with this collection.

I’d like to note that lightly pressing straight down on the plate to pick up the image worked the best for me, as opposed to rolling.

Removal was very easy though you may have a bit of shimmer residue left over on your cuticles. Formula for all five was moderate, not thin and not overly thick. This makes wearing them alone very achievable. No staining occurred on skin, stamper or nail mat.

Let’s start with Hidden Rose. This is a purple, green, gold shift. In person, all three colors are very obvious. Over black, it does favor a lovely ornate gold. Over white, you’ll see the color a little less saturated but holy crap the shift is gorgeous. The name is very fitting, since it looks almost mauve with a gold shift. By itself was two easy coats. Hidden Rose is very loaded with multichrome goodness, so you’ll most likely need the second coat for full evenness. Honestly, it’s gorgeous no matter how you wear it.

hidden rose 2hidden rose 4hidden rose 5

Mystique. Blue, purple, red, orange shift. Over white, you’ll see almost a grayed out base with lovely purple to blue shimmer. Over black, you’ll be able to see the full shift. Two coats are needed again, if you’re wearing it alone. I see blue as the main color, with purple as the secondary and an orangey gold on extreme angles. Those who love a sultry, vampy look will really appreciate this one.

mystique 2mystiquemystique 3

Celes-teal. Teal, blue and violet shift. I’m sure you’re scrolling up and checking how similar this one is to Mystique, and it is definitely the teal sister. Lighter with a more mauvey brown base over white (to me) with lovely teal shimmer. Over black, you’ll see a glowey effect with the full shift of all three colors. Alone, two coats. Celes-teal and Mystique are different enough in my opinion to warrant both. If you want the simple version, one is light and the other dark.

celesteal 2celestealcelesteal 3

Selene. Pink, purple, red, gold shift. Let me count the ways that I love this type of shift. Over white, is a pink-y look and over black you’ll see a predominant red to purple shift. By itself is the obvious full colors with a magenta as the primary, purple as secondary and at tilt and extreme angles the red and gold. Very, very pretty. Purple lovers should definitely check this one out!

seleneselene 2selene 3

Sirena. Green, teal, gold shift. Over white, I see an olive-y green with luminescent green shimmer, and over black the full shift. By itself, is two coats. This one is named so well, it reminds me of a mermaid! Main color on the nail is a glowey green, with teal as the secondary and a lovely gold on tilt and extreme angles.

sirenasirena 2sirena 4

My absolute favorite is Sirena with Selene and Celes-teal right behind. This collection is available now in the shop, quick link ->HERE<-.  Full size sets are $43, mini sets are $23. Individual full size is $9, and mini’s are $5.

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Thanks so much for reading!