This is Halloween, this is Halloween! I really hope that gets stuck in everyone’s head! Today I’m sharing Baroness X’s Ghost themed Halloween trio and the newest group custom, Anthracite. Flakie lovers, shimmer lovers, multichrome lovers, unicorn pee lovers- this post is for you!

All polishes in this post contain NO glitter, so removal is easy peasy.

Let’s start with Apparition. Official description is a blue to cream thermal, with purple/peach/gold shifting shimmer and scattered holo. On cold, it is light(er) blue, almost cornflower to me. When warm, a nice nudish cream color (at least pulled more creamy off white almost beige on me). What’s super interesting, is that the shifty shimmer tends to show up contrasting depending on what temperature state you’re in. Super ethereal and well, ghostly lol. The shimmer is fabulous. Formula has a nice cream feel to it that applies easily and doesn’t require over working. Photos show three thin coats plus glossy topcoat. In lieu of being honest, I had an AWFUL break like an hour before sitting down to swatch, so I have a repair on one of my nails. I feel like because of that, I needed the third coat. I think you can definitely get away with two on this one.


baroness x apparition warm

Cold: (this bad boy was so sensitive, kept trying to transition on me within seconds of dipping in cold water ha)baroness x apparition coldbaroness x apparitionbaroness x apparition 2baroness x apparition 5

It may seem redundant to include these last two close ups, but I really wanted you guys to see what I mean about the shimmer. See how it pulls peach in transition (above)? Then dominates to pinkey/purple when cold. Super cool. baroness x apparition 4

Ghastly. This one stole my heart. Official description: a black to clear thermal with Pegasus pee (green/indigo/turquoise) and green to pink incandescent flakies (think Nfu Oh flakies). If you’re a fan of Oracle, then you need this one. The shimmer pigment gives a sultry forest green appearance. Swatches show three thin coats plus glossy topcoat. The build up is awesome, the shimmer and flakies make a lovely pond of pretty. Formula is a nice gelatinous jelly that is workable like the Psychedelia collection. The thermal transition for Ghastly is insanely sensitive. I apologize about the lack of full warm state swatch, but this sucker would not behave for me temperature wise AT ALL. But that’s a good thing, because it made me cooking dinner super entertaining (think mad giggling over pasta steam and wiggling fingers).

baroness x ghastly 4baroness x ghastly 2baroness x ghastly 5

In the photo below, you can see the indigo/turquoise peeking out on top. It’s insane how saturated it is being in a black base. baroness x ghastly 3

Lighting fast picture taking LOL I really feel like even if you have short nails you shouldn’t shy away from Apparition or Ghastly. Given how mischievous they were being for me, I think if you walked from a building with AC to outdoor (if you live in inferno south like me), they’ll transition crazy fast. Or, you know, cackling over pasta steam works too.baroness x ghastly

Crypt. A navy scattered holo base with teal to purple shifting shimmer and metallic gold flakies. The holo is noticeable and the flakies are everything! In indoor lighting you’ll see that teal almost navy, and on tilt you’ll see the purple shift. It almost appears as a full multichrome, but in person you can tell it is this saturated, shimmer shift. Swatch shows two coats with glossy topcoat. Please note, the first two are leaning a little more blue than what you will see in person. The color is a touch more green. My camera was focusing in on the navy base hardcore. Those that appreciate a multichrome and holo that is a touch subtle will really appreciate this beauty.

baroness x cryptbaroness x crypt 5

On these two close ups, the teal that is showing here is what I saw predominantly in indoor lighting. baroness x crypt 4baroness x crypt 2


If you purchase the trio set, you will receive these adorable ghost glitters! I’m such a junkie for ghost prints, these are precious. If you’re one of the first 25 to order, you’ll also receive glow in the dark stars! You can see those peeking out amidst the thermal goodness here. For this look, I made a jelly sandwich and placed stars and ghosts between the second and third layer. Add a stamp and you’re set for Halloween! I’ll have a video of this mani in transition in the facebook fan group as well.

Baroness X ghastly 6.jpg

Now, for the group custom: Anthracite. Official description is a cool toned navy jelly base with unicorn pee and a sprinkling of holo. I’m not even lying when I say that, if I ever got the chance to get a custom made this beauty would be it. There’s always talk that spectraflair and pee don’t play well together. Demi said hold my beer, and this was created. (Just kidding, but that’s how I see it).  There’s just enough holo that when you are in the sun, you’ll see the twinkling with a crimson shimmer amid the navy sea base. Swatches show three thin coats for full opacity. The red shift was very apparent on camera, but the green/gold was being shy. If you’re in the facebook fan group (which you need to be for this one), I have a very amateur video that shows how glowing the red/green/gold appears in person. The shift is in no way subtle, but if it means you guys can see what I’m seeing in person than cheesy video it is!


Awesome Halloween goodness, right? So here’s the details.

The Ghost Themed Halloween trio is very LE. If there is a restock, it will only be NEXT fall.

Restock Date is September 30 at noon PST.

Full Size sets: $32. Only 40 sets available. ***edit, there was a typo on the press sheet. The full size set is $32, not $30. Sorry for the error !

Mini Size sets (8ml): $18. Only 15 sets available.

Individuals (full size only): Apparition and Crypt are $11. Ghastly is $13.

Anthracite is very LE as well. You must be in the facebook fan group, The X Army to purchase. Click this link ->HERE<- to join. There are 100 bottles available, ready to ship. Price is $15. No word on a restock, as far as I know.

All of these will be available on Baroness X’s site. You’ll want to get the link for Anthracite from the fan group. To check out the site click ->HERE<-.

Thanks so much for reading!