Today I’m sharing Baroness X’s contribution to the Polish Pickup facebook group. If you’re new to polish pickup, read the next paragraph! Or, skip to hear me yammer my thoughts 🙂

Polish pickup is a group created through the dislike of boxes. Members vote on a theme each month, and makers are able to select a corresponding photo to customize a polish from. Dozens of makers are featured each month and shoppers can purchase the exact shades they want, without the obligation of buying an entire collab box. Also, shipping is very reasonable. The voting group is through a Facebook group called ‘Polish Pickup Pack’.

October’s theme is mythical creatures and monsters. Baroness X’s contribution is inspired by Medusa:


Fun fact, I used to LOVE Medusa’s story when I was younger. I always felt so bad for her.

This polish created from this photo, is Stone Fox. Official description is a dusty deep teal base with violet to green shifting shimmer, pink to green iridescent flakies and a touch of holo.

We know Baroness is known for her shimmers! In regular indoor or ‘plain’ lighting, You can see the holo sparkling back at you in a subtle fashion with the shimmer peeking out pink at you. The flakies will apply scattered, so there isn’t too many overwhelming the overall finish. This shade can appear a little more blue leaning depending on lighting, as the shimmer can play with the shade. This is definitely what I would call a dusty deep teal. Though I know teal can be argued as more green or blue depending on who’s looking. So for the sake of what my eyes are staring at my fingers right now, I’m saying dark teal. All swatches show two easy coats plus topcoat. Removal is easy peasy.

baroness X stone fox 2Baroness X Stone Fox 3baroness x stone fox

For funsies I decided to see what a matte finish would look like and it brought out the flakes and shimmer nicely. *if you’ve read any of my previous posts regarding matte, I use the harshest matte I have- Essie matte about you. Please keep in mind the matte versions shown here are a touch lighter than what you’ll see in person if you decide to matte.* The shimmer is hiding in these photos, but it’s there promise.

baroness x stone fox matte 2baroness x stone fox matte 3baroness x stone fox matte

The sale for Stone Fox will begin Oct 6 (11am EST) and run until Oct 9 (11:59pm EST) on polish pickup’s website ->HERE<-. Pricing for this pretty will be $11.

Thanks so much for reading!