Hey all! Today I’m sharing a wonderful collection from Blush Lacquers, that is based on inspiration photos submitted from members of the Facebook fan group BLUSH beauties. There are eight polishes total, each totally different but come together for this cohesive lovely fall palette.

Fall Flame. Official description is a tangerine base with subtle red tones, sparkling multichrome micro flake shimmer (orange/gold/green shift), and a touch of holo.

Swatch shows three thin coats (plus topcoat), that built nicely. Formula is a jelly consistency that is not runny, but of a medium viscosity. This is a lovely, bright, though slightly burnt orange with a tiny bit of red undertone that sparkles in any lighting. In person, the shimmer has that constantly moving effect, if that makes sense. Always sparking throughout the nail. The lovely multichrome shimmer catches lime green and what appears pink to me in indoor lighting. The orange effect shows up like a brilliant gold. If in bright lights, like my photos, you’ll see it appear like the gold below. The holographic effect is subtle, but you’ll see some of that in the form of sparkley in outdoor lighting.

blush lacquers fall flame 2blush lacquers fall flame 3blush lacquers fall flame

Spiced Cocoa. Official description is a deep chocolate brown with orange/red/green/gold shimmer.

Swatches show two coats, with topcoat. Formula was an insanely buttery, easy to apply feel. Very saturated on the brush strokes, my FAVORITE type of application. This was a surprise love for me. I don’t usually gravitate towards dark colors but you guys, this one is the best of chocolate. In person, you’ll see the immediate red shimmer ALL over your nails. The cool thing is that the shifty shimmer seems to be in different sizes so it’s like all over tiny shimmer, with larger particles. The multicolored effect is very obvious in person. You’ll definitely see the entire range of oranges, reds, greens, and golds.

blush lacquers spiced cocoa 2blush lacquers spiced cocoa

The photo below shows just part of the full range you’ll see on your nails. You can see what I mean by the different sizes. The green is peeking some on the tips, red throughout, and the green is saying hi on the top. Like burning embers to me.

blush lacquers spiced cocoa 3

The Scenic Route. Official description: a creamy yellow crelly with copper/gold/bronze flakies.

Swatch shows two coats, plus topcoat. Formula is similar to Spiced Cocoa, very buttery and easy to apply. I almost needed three coats due to my free edge being bright but it was barely noticeable, as you see below. With all those flakies, this one was still very smooth on the surface even before topcoat. This one kind of leans so very slightly to a light pistachio to me. Like if a key lime and lemon meringue pie had a baby. Love this color. So very unique and perfect for crellie lovers.

blush lacquers the scenic route 2blush lacquers the scenic route 3blush lacquers the scenic route

Floral Engagement. Official description is a deep berry with green/blue/red shifting shimmer, holo and red/gold/green flakies.

Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. You may be able to get away with two based on your opacity preference. Formula was a nice thickness, you’ll only need a few brush strokes to cover your nail since it has such nice coverage. In person, you’ll see a  nice magenta shift on nail tilt and the shimmer is very in your face. The holo is a nice subtle effect, and the flakies required no fishing. They’ll apply on your nails in a scattered fashion. The dominant shimmer shift (to me) is blue, but with a slight lighting change, you’ll see the green shift come out. Purple and red lovers need this one! In indoor lighting it’ll appear a little more vampy. I’m sitting next to a window typing this and the blue is insane.

blush lacquers floral engagement 2

blush lacquers floral engagement 5blush lacquers floral engagement 4

The Last Carnival. Official description : An olive base with gold shimmer, gold flakies and holo.

Swatches show two coats plus topcoat. very saturated coverage and easy application. The holo and shimmer are pretty strong in person. Green lovers unite! In indoor lighting, you’ll see that shimmer and flakies give a sparkling effect. When you go outside, BAM holo action! I can see this one being perfect not only for fall, but as a great holiday color too.

blush lacquers the last carnival 3blush lacquers the last carnivalblush lacquers the last carnival 2

Falling Up. Official description: a faded teal with pink/bronze shifting shimmer, small orange holo glitters, and a touch of scattered holo.

Swatches show three thin coats plus topcoat. Formula on this one is jelly like, and the thinnest of the collection but when you do your coats it’ll give you a lovely pond effect with all the shimmers, glitters, and holo swimming around in there. The shimmer is dominantly pink, but the bronze is obvious in shift and almost comes off as an orangey look. You’ll see on the second photo the shift coming out on the beginning of my nails.

blush lacquers falling upblush lacquers falling up 2

Below you can see the orange glitters against the shimmer. Like I said, pink is dominant, but on tilt you’ll be able to see the bronze coming out.blush lacquers falling up 3

Colliding Constellations. Official description is a dark teal blue jelly with iridescent orange glitters and gold and copper holo glitters.

Swatches show three thin coats plus topcoat. Everything lays nice and flat after one coat of topcoat. Formula is a medium viscosity and jelly like. I absolutely fell in love with this one after application. The glitters require no fishing and give a lovely sparkle on your nails. The larger glitters give you a nice spark with orange/red/green flashes. The smaller glitters sparkle like crazy in the background. The name is totally appropriate as it looks like a night sky. The blue is a beautiful shade that’s not too dark and not too light that I think will flatter all tones. This one does appear to lean a teeny tiny bit more green in person. I’d call it a true deep teal.

blush lacquers bolliding constellations 3blush lacquers colliding constellations 2blush lacquers colliding constellations


Frosted Foliage. Official description:  a black/grey jelly base with a strong red-orange-gold-green shifting shimmer, linear holo and red-orange-gold shifting flakies.

Swatch shows two coats with topcoat. Formula is nice and opaque, no fishing. All that goodness packed in the bottle comes up easily on your brush. This one is delicious if you’re a holo or flakie lover. On tilt, you’ll see a lovely green shift to everything. The flakies, holo and shifty shimmer are so in your face. When you step out into the sun the holo and flakies just light up. Everything lays down nice and flat, even before topcoating. There’s just so much going on, I love it! In indoor lighting you’ll see a nice red almost burgundy in the center of your nail, and the outer parts will be the orange, gold and green. The flakies are a perfect size to contrast against all that shimmer and holo.

blush lacquers frosted foliage 2blush lacquers frosted foliageblush lacquers frosted foliage 3

I included this last shot as a way to show you guys what happens on tilt. All that green and orange come out to play. The name is so fitting for this one. blush lacquers frosted foliage 4

My personal picks are Frosted Foliage, Colliding Constellations, Spiced Cocoa, and Floral Engagement. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them though. I feel like all of these are perfect for fall, but will be versatile for your holiday manis too!

The Blush Beauties Fall Collaboration Collection will release Friday, October 20th at 7pm EST in the shop. Direct link to the etsy store can be accessed ->HERE<-. The full set can be purchased for $73.00.

Pricing for individual bottles:

Colliding Constellations: $8.00
Fall Flame: $10.00
Falling Up: $9.00
Floral Engagement: $9.00
Frosted Foliage: $12.00
Spiced Cocoa: $9.00
The Last Carnival: $8.00
The Scenic Route: $8.00

It is unknown at this point if any stockists will be carrying this collection.

Which ones did you love the most? Let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for reading! ❤