Hey all! Today I’m sharing a quartet from Baroness X that’s full of shifty shimmers and sparkles! I apologize in advance for overloading this post with photos, but I wanted to be super color accurate for everyone in my discussion.

As a blanket statement, I did not use a peel off base coat for swatching these to be able to see how removal was. I found none of them to be difficult. They all were able to be taken off with standard effort like any highly pigmented polish. I also had zero staining. I feel like all four shades would look fantastic on anyone! And the shimmers-!

Let’s get down to business!

Language of the Universe. Official description is a berry colored jelly, with blue to berry to red shifting shimmer with silver holo flakies and holo pigment.

Formula is a little thicker than a standard creme, as this one is seriously loaded with shimmer goodness. I will say for opacity, you’ll need 2-3 coats. I am hesitant to give a firm 2 or 3 because this one will really depend on your application style. Here, I applied one thin coat, and one moderate coat then topcoat. Drying time is very quick. It builds wonderfully, just be careful of overworking. It’s hard to do, but I figured I’d note it.

In person, this is a beautiful vampy berry. The sparkle is delicate and the flakes are scattered- no fishing required. The shimmer is very noticeable and blue on first glance. On tilt, you’ll see a gorgeous magenta glow that leans red. There’s nothing subtle about the inner glow on this one. The second photo is in my usual lighting, and the first shows the polish with a little overcast, so you can see the glow that I was seeing in indoor lighting.

Somewhat shaded from direct light:

baroness x language of the universe 2

And direct light:baroness x language of the universe 4baroness x language of the universe 6

These last two appear similar, but the second shows the red/magenta shift coming out. It doesn’t look like it, but I am tilting a bit so you guys can see. Baroness x language of the universe 5baroness x language of the universe 7

Philosopher’s Stone. Official description- an emerald (almost teal) jelly base with gold to green to teal shifting flakie shimmer with metallic gold flecks and holo pigment.

Mmm. Green. Swatches show two coats plus topcoat. This is the most jelly like in the quartet, and some may want to do a third coat for a really opaque in your face look. When applying, I felt like it looked complete for me at two. Given the jelly feel, I personally liked the way it looked. You can see a little VNL (visible nail line) but it is not as noticeable in person/regular indoor lighting.

In normal lighting, it’ll appear a rich emerald. When under bright lights, you’ll see some undertones of teal coming out. The shimmer gives a sparkling effect that looks almost glittery. The holo is what I would consider a light linear effect, it’s all over but not intense. And finally, gold flecks are scattered throughout the nail requiring no fishing. This is one of my more beloved shades of green. I think it’s flattering on any skin tone.

baroness x philosophers stone 5baroness x philosphers stone 2

These last two are pretty similar, but I feel the bottom one shows the teal undertones peeking out. It felt worth it to share both. baroness x philosophers stone 7baroness x philosophers stone 6

Elixir of Life. Official description- deep fuchsia, red leaning jelly with shimmer that shifts from purple to deep red to fiery orange, with metallic gold flakies and holo pigment.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. This is similar to Language of the Universe in formula, though not as viscous. This is the part of the post where I’m going to go into photo overload. The shimmer in this tricky little minx likes to make your nails appear different shades depending on your lighting. Sometimes I saw bright fuschia, others mangenta and when tilting an orangey red. I’m not kidding, I wore this for two days and snapped phone pictures to be sure that my swatches were color accurate and compare when I got on my PC!

This first group of photos are all taken in my light box at various angles and tilting. In some of these, you’ll see the base and shimmer contrasting a bit and that’s exactly what I’m taking about when being sure you guys are seeing what I’m seeing! This is an absolutely gorgeous shade, and I so wish I could find a lipstick like this!

baroness x elixer of life 2

Below, I am tilting my hand a bit so you can see the red undertones. Here, the shimmer on my tips is appearing fuschia.baroness x elixer of life 3baroness x elixer of life 4baroness x elixer of lifebarooness x elixer of life 6

So I wanted to make sure you guys are getting the full picture with this mischievous shade. I took a shot with my phone that is usually pretty good at getting a color accurate photo, but the detailing is always not that great. Here you can see the reddish fuchsia color. This is what you’ll see in bright light. In indoor lighting, or shaded areas you will see that deeper fuschia in the above swatches.

elixer of life PHONE

Soul of the World. Official description- royal blue jelly with pink to gold to green shifting shimmer, unicorn pigment, holo flakies and holo pigment.

Swatches show two medium coats with topcoat. This applies like a cream. The shift on the shimmer is hiding from the camera on these photos, but it’s there! While this one doesn’t have actual unicorn pee in it, the shimmer is like a cousin to it and there is definitely a green/pink/gold color roll in it. I’m dubbing it Cousin Pee. Trademark it. I’ll have a video loaded in the fan group (The X Army ) to show what I mean. When I feel like my work isn’t doing a polish justice, you guys get amateur videos LOL.

This shade of blue is like nothing I have in my collection. (There’s over a thousand and I quit counting like a year ago lol) Very unique. It’s blue. BUT it’s almost periwinkle sometimes due to the shimmer, but not quite- more vibrant than that. The base is definitely royal blue, but the shimmer will make it lean almost purple in not so great indoor lighting. The shimmer color you will see most is pink, and when you tilt your nails (or are in overcast, or shade) you can see the green and gold glowing out along the edges. The sparkles are scattered and no fishing is required. These swatches may make the shimmer look subtle, but I assure you it is not. The first few swatches are a touch leaning cooler than what you’ll see in person.

This one is really a chameleon. You’re going to see blue in brilliant lights, or outdoor. If your lighting is awful inside (like mine) you’re going to see what I mean with the periwinkle/purple. I can’t stress this enough haha, I felt like my eyes were playing tricks on me!


Soul of the World correctedsoul of the world corrected 3

This one shows the green/gold peeking out on tilt.baroness x soul of the world 7

Finally, some not so pretty phone swatches to show a better color representation. I attempted to recreate a shade atmosphere on this first one to show how amazing the glow is. Please pardon the lack of definition here. The last one is most accurate on my monitor to what I’m seeing in person regarding the base.

soul of the world PHONE 3soul of the world PHONE

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I have confirmed that Elixir of Life and Language of the Universe will be somewhat LE due to the pigments that are used.

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Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! As always, thanks so much for reading! ❤