Hello hello! I have a gorgeous polish to share today! Baroness X is participating in the November polish pickup group for November. The Polish Pickup is a Facebook group that features many, many makers each month and

the themes are voted on by members! It’s a massive collaboration similar to box collabs, except you get to pick the exact polishes you want! No commitment, yay! I’ll have links at the end of the post if you are not in the group.

This months theme is fandoms. I’m so excited for this one. Baroness X chose Star Trek for her fandom, based off of the character Lwaxana Troi! I try not to get all personal on here, but I have a special place in my heart for Star Trek. I have so many fond memories bonding with my Dad over countless episodes on VHS. He was such a purist over the original series. We even built a massive Enterprise together. Needless to say, this fandom is very meaningful to me and I can’t possibly be more honored to swatch it. To top it all off, the polish itself is absolutely beautiful. It’s intense, sultry, packed full of awesome, and the shade itself is LUSH.

I wore this on its own, no base and found zero issues with removal or staining. You’ll be able to take it off no problem with minimal mess.

Menage a Troi’s official description is a berry jelly with violet shimmer, blue to red shifting microflakes, and metallic gold flakies.

My swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. I’d say you can definitely get away with two depending on your application style. The formula itself is jelly like, but a nice medium viscosity. It is very glossy and smooth even before topcoat. After topcoating, the finish is very glass-like, and solid.

In indoor lighting it is a cool toned rich berry with a true warm toned red glow. The shimmer is quite prominent and the flakies are scattered evenly throughout.  You’re going to get a pond effect with the flakes and microflakes giving loads of depth. As you move your nails you will see a luminescent effect with the violet shimmer. There is nothing shy about the pigments used here!

baroness x menage a troi 2baroness x menage a troi 3baroness x menage a troibaroness x menage a troi 4

This is truly a polish you need to see in person. I can’t recommend this one enough.

If you’d like to join the Polish Pickup Pack, click ->HERE<-.

Sales open up the weekend of November 3rd at 11am EST, on the Polish Pickup store: ->HERE<-. Menage a Troi will be $11 for a full sized bottle.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤