I’ve got some magical, rainbow filled, eye searing, holo-tastic beauties to share today! I’m absolutely geeked to present this collection! Emily de Molly’s November collection consists of nine ultra holo’s. You want insane holo? You want it now? Well say no more!

I’d like to preface that I did not wear any peel off base coat, or regular base coat when swatching these. As usual, I wanted to see how removal was. They all removed painlessly with no staining issues on my nails or cuticles. I was also able to remove them easily with non acetone remover.

When you order these pretties, they’ll arrive in these glorious holographic boxes. This is the type of packaging my inner collector squees over and I love putting them on display on my wall racks.


Metamorphic. Official description is a grey, strong holo.

Swatch shows two coats with topcoat. In indoor lighting, you’ll still be able to see some rainbows dancing on your nails. In bright lighting or sunlight you’ll need some sunglasses! I’d compare Metamorphic to some of those holographic powders that are made for gels. It’s that powerful, and you won’t have to soak off to get that effect, yay! Formula is nice and opaque with easy distribution. It applies very saturated, in a chrome like fashion if that makes sense. I absolutely adore how the bottles look in these shots, it’s like a rainbow! Metamorphic reminds me of liquefied diamonds.

emily de molly metamorphicemily de molly metamorphic 2emily de molly metamorphic 3

Beautiful Distraction. Official description is a light green strong holo.

Swatch shows two coats with topcoat. Rich opacity with lovely viscosity that spreads nicely over the nail. This color, people. It’s everything. The rainbows are showing blue in my swatches, but the base is definitely an almost seafoam green.

Emily de molly beautiful distractionemily de molly beautiful distraction 3emily de molly beautiful distraction 4

Coming Around Again. Official description: a light brown intense holo.

Swatch shows two coats with topcoat. Same even spread formula, and rich opacity. I’ll admit, I was a little weary of this one out of the box as browns/tans/nudes don’t typically play well with my skin tone. I am pleased to say this one looks fantastic! With the super saturated holo rolling through, it flirts with being a champagne to me. Very feminine.

emily de molly coming around againemily de molly coming around again 3emily de molly coming around again 4

A Veiled Promise. Official description- a light pink, strong holo.

Swatch shows two coats plus topcoat. Same lovely formula, insane holo and lush application. This one appears to lean just the slightest bit mauve-y to me. It reminds me of the perfect Barbie pink.

emily de molly a veiled promiseemily de molly a veiled promise 2emily de molly a veiled promise 3

Deafening Silence. Official description is a periwinkle blue strong holo.

Swatch shows two coats with topcoat. Same formula as the above, easy application and powerful holo! This shade is lovely, it is a deep blue that definitely leans periwinkle. In indoor lighting you’ll see the periwinkle lean quite a bit. It’s a wonderful take on the traditional blue.

emily de molly deafening silence 2emily de molly deafening silenceemily de molly defeaning silence 3

Fix Up, Look Sharp. Official description is a purple strong holo.

Swatch shows two coats with topcoat. This color is gorgeous! Same formula, though I sound like a broken record, they’re all really lovely and easy to apply. Purple lovers need this one! The linear rainbow matches this color and almost leans a vibrant shade when in direct light.

emily de molly fix up look sharp 2emily de molly fix up look sharpemily de molly fix up look sharp 3

Prime Time- official description is a rose pink strong holo.

Swatch shows two coats with topcoat. Same wonderful formula as the previous lovelies. Prime Time leans a bit salmon on me, with almost orangey peach undertones. The linear holo in my photos is kind of hiding the base shade. I think this one makes a gorgeous fall shade!

emily de molly prime time 4emily de molly prime time 2emily de molly prime time 5

Dark Enlightenment. Official description- a dark purple strong holo.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Again, same lush, wonderful formula. This is more of a muted dark purple to me. I’d describe it as a gunmetal purple. For those vampy lovers out there 😉

emily de molly dark enlightenment 3

emily de molly dark enlightenmentemily de molly dark enlightenment 4

Rise and Fall. Official description is an aqua blue strong holo.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. I’ll repeat myself again and rave on the formula. Identical to the others in the ease of application and saturation. I can’t with this shade, it’s aqua perfection. Vibrant and in your face. This, and beautiful distraction are the perfect mermaid colors!

emily de molly rise and fall 4CORRECTEDemily de molly rise and fallCORRECTEDemily de molly rise and fall 5CORRECTED

This next portion was me being curious and playing around. I’ve done nothing but repeat myself up to this point on how pigmented the ultra holos are, so I figured that sounds like the perfect equation for stamping! Over black you’ll see the very obvious color spectrum, but a little tint of color. I’d imagine over lighter colors you’ll be able to see the base better.

With that said, if you find yourself on a budget and only pick up a few- you’ll also have yourself some very badass stamping holos too!

stampingstamping 2

Lastly, I wanted to see how easily they spread on water. Easy peasy. I tried it over a black base, and will say that the spectraflair is so strong you’ll want to use a clear base of some sort to separate your colors. Otherwise, I’d say you can marble away with them too!


I told you, rainbows EVERYWHERE! All have an almost chrome feel that look so glassy in any lighting. I wore several of these over the last few weeks while I attended class and they were so distracting! Boring lecture? Stare at your nails! Problem solved LOL. If there was one word for this collection, I’d say ‘ridiculous’ in the best way possible. Holo lovers and nail art junkies must get their hands on at least a few of these. They’re truly perfection. My top picks are: Rise and Fall, Beautiful Distraction, A Veiled Promise, Fix Up, Look Sharp and Coming Around Again.

The November collection will release in the Australian shop Nov. 21st, at 10am AEDT in the Australian shop HERE.

International, and US customers will release Nov. 20th, at 6pm EST in the international shop HERE.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for reading! ❤