I have one hell of a box to share today! I feel like this theme is quite overdue from our lovely Baroness herself, as the banner photo for the group has been that goofy cat for quite some time. I’d like to formally introduce ya’ll to the Black Friday LE box, themed cats in space!


Live Long and Paws-Pur. Official description: a rich purple jelly-ish base with three times the pegasus pee, and a bit of twinkly holo shimmer.

Swatch shows three thin coats plus topcoat. You can get away with two if you don’t mind a touch of VNL. This polish. So beautiful. A vibrant gorgeous purple. Application is a squishy jelly feeling and a medium viscosity. LOADED with shimmer. Some lighting you’ll see a green appearance, under bright lights is the beautiful blue you see below. If you saw my teaser for this in the fan group, you’ll see the shimmer appearing like an aqua green. I’m picky with purples, but this is absolutely necessary in a collector’s arsenal.

baroness x live long and paws-pur 5baroness x live long as paws-pur 4baroness x live long as paws-pur 7

Meow-ky Way. Official description: a clear based topper with pink to green shifting unicorn pigment (no UP), pink to green shifting iridescent flakies, sterling silver microflakies and a touch of holo pigment and microflakies.

Swatches show one coat over black. This is the topper to end all toppers. I’m not even kidding. It’s blingtastic in person, and deliciously shifty. You’ll easily see the pink and green shift, and what I see as gold in some lighting. There’s a gemstone, reflective sparkle with the silver flakes and the little multichrome flakes make a nice scattered rainbow. This is very saturated, and you’ll only need the one coat for an instant galaxy effect. Everything is nice and smooth after top coat. I had no issues with everything laying down.

baroness x meow-ky way 3baroness x meow-ky waybaroness x meow-ky way 5

Space Cat. Official description: a jelly, berry pink base with turquoise to berry shimmer, sterling silver flakies, and a very light sprinkle of holographic shimmer.

First swatches shown are two coats with topcoat. Everything laid down nicely and was even after top coating. This beauty is so vibrant and shimmery in person. The flakes make this gorgeous sparkle. The blue you see peeking out here is very obvious in person. It’s got that reflective feel that a full flake polish has when sponged, if you know what I mean.

baroness x space cat 2baroness x space catbaroness x space cat 3

Then I got a little curious. I applied one coat over black and this happened. Freaking magic. I didn’t think I could love Space Cat more, but holy hell it’s versatility is magical.

baroness x black space cat 2baroness x black space catbaroness x black space cat 4

In a Galaxy Purr Purr Away. Official description: a deep navy blue base with pink to green shifting shimmer, a rainbow of all colors of shifting iridescent flakies, violet to gold multichrome flakies, a sprinkling of holo microflakies and a touch of orange to green shifty microglitter.

My swatches show three very thin coats. You can easily get away with two, however if you guys remember several posts back I have an awful repair that I’ve been nursing. (it’s almost grown out, yay!!) so that needed a little extra coverage to hide. This beauty is magnificent. It really is a galaxy swirling around on your nail. In indoor lighting you’ll see the predominant purpley/pink shimmer, and on tilt the green starts to play. The flakes are EVERYTHING here. Before applying, I placed the bottle upside down for a few minutes to be sure I was able to pick everything up, and I had no issues with needing to fish or load the brush. The formula is jelly like and buttery feeling in spreading onto your nails.

I took a few extra shots to attempt to show the dimension here. (and yes, I did do a trim down lol your eyes aren’t deceiving you 😛 )

baroness x in a galaxy purr purr away 6in a galaxy purr purr away 3in a galaxy purr purr away 2

in a galaxy purr purr awayin a galaxy purr purr away 4baroness x galaxy purr purr away 3

I love how all four perfectly captured a space feel. You can’t make me pick a favorite in this quartet, they are all amazing and in their own category of finish. Trust me, you want this box.

Now, for the details! The Cats in Space box will be LE, so get those ninja skills honed! Release is set for black Friday- November 23 at midnight EST. There will be a total of 100 boxes only. Edit for clarification: Release date is Thanksgiving night, the 23rd, midnight ET/9pm PT.

USA boxes: $55 shipped

Canada boxes: $65 shipped

There will be lots of surprise extras packed in these boxes, valuing $70.

**The first 13 boxes sold will receive a free bottle of a brand spanking new shade, X-Armageddon in their order. (A STUNNING new unicorn pee polish. It will release in December, but you can get yours before anyone else!)**

Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases over $50 will also receive a trio of the unicorn horn brushes in their orders. If you are able to get one of the Cats in Space boxes, you’ll also get the brush set! Yay! There will be other sales on the site, be sure to check out the newsletter that will be released closer to the go date. You can sign up for the newsletter on the link in the shop, located at the footer (bottom) of the homepage.

Now, for the other part where you may want your advanced ninja skills ready. After the Cats in Space box sells out, the polishes only will be available separately in super LE quantities (25 bottles available each). All bottles will be full sized if you purchase this way.

Live Long & Paws-per – $17

In A Galaxy Purr, Purr Away – $13

Meow-ky Way – $11

Space Cat – $11

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend setting up your royalty rewards account ahead of time so you’re ready and rack up those points for discounts. You can access the shop here: Baroness X Store. Remember, shipping is always free after $36 (within  the USA)!

Who’s excited?? Thanks so much for reading, and may the odds ever be in your favor!