The scents of cinnamon and clove in the air, your favorite scarf around your neck and tinsel coming out of every square inch in shopping chains all over. It’s the holidays! I have a lovely trio from Scofflaw Varnish to share that I think fits in with all the festive feels that are around this time of year.

The trio is a crellie/jelly set that fits in with any theme you’re going for and the names are so awesome!

First up, is Regrets From a Holiday Office Party. Official description is a a mint green crelly with white shimmer flecks and glitters of pale gold, greens, mint, white, and red.

Swatches show two thin coats with topcoat. I had no issues getting the glitters to load on the brush and the base color applies evenly when you are applying. The base is a lovely light Tiffany blue. I used one coat of seche topcoat, and everything was evened out. I think any thicker quick dry topcoat will perform the same way. Removal takes a little more effort with all the wonderful glitters packed in this beauty, so I’d recommend using the cotton ball trick with acetone and oiled cuticles under foil for a minute or two for easy removal.

scofflaw varnish regrets from a holiday office party 2scofflaw varnish regrets from the holiday office partyscofflaw varnish regrets from a holiday office party 3

The Velveteen Rabbit. Official description: a soft taupe with delicate silver-blue shimmer and highlights, and filled with silver holo flecks and opalescent flakes.

Swatches show three very thin coats with topcoat. The formula on this one is very easy to use given how much shimmer and flakies are in it. You can definitely get away with two coats if your free edge isn’t bright like mine. The viscosity is a little thicker than a standard crellie, but very workable. Drying time is quick if you decide to do three. I’m always saying how weary I am of shades like this, but I honestly feel this one played so well with my skin tone. I’m actually wearing it now as I type this and it’s so delicate with a subtle sparkle and shimmer. I freaking love it so much.  The flakes vary in size and lay completely flat.

scofflaw varnish the velveteen rabbit 2scofflaw varnish the velveteen rabbitscofflaw varnish the velveteen rabbit 5

That Damn Cat is in the Tree. Official description: a green jelly swimming with red-gold shifting multichrome flakes and gold shards.

Swatches show three thin coats. No issues with picking up flakies. Drying time is quick, so once again layering is easy. This is another you can easily wear with two coats, but if your free edge likes to be obnoxious like mine, then three will be enough. This shade of green is BEAUTIFUL. The flakies are sneaky and photographed gold for me, but in indoor lighting you’ll definitely see red sparks twinkle throughout. Everything lays nice and flat with topcoat. It’s like a tree  with red and gold tinsel all over. Highly recommend. I was wearing this the other night and my husband took one look and said, “It’s so CHRISTMAS!”. Mission accomplished!

scofflaw damn cat in the tree 2scofflaw damn cat in the tree 4scofflaw varnish damn cat in the tree 3

I turned down the lights a bit in my box so you can see what I’m talking about for the red sparks. It’s more obvious in person, but you can see them peeking out here. Love this one to pieces!

scofflaw damn cat in the tree 7

As an avid crellie lover, I think these are perfect! Any skin tone can rock them too. No need to be shy! The Mini Holiday Collection releases November 23, at 7 pm CST. Scofflaw Varnish will also be having some black Friday sales in addition to this limited trio!

  • Core colors will be $6.50
  • Annual release of David Bowie’s Bulge

You can browse the shop to make your list (and check it twice!) over at the shop HERE.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤