Hello hello! I have a cool new stamping technique to share today! This brand new product is loose glitter pots that you can use to stamp onto your nails and there’s no need to waste stamping polish, as I’ve found that it works well with regular clear polish. I’ll keep this post as tidy as possible, so that I can discuss how to get a good pickup with them.

I found that this order of use worked the best for me. I used a clear topcoat for my manis (specifically Rica’s topcoat). The entire process of using the glitters is relatively seamless if you use a latex barrier around your cuticles for near effortless cleanup. I’m using a clear one, so you won’t see it very well in my photos.

For this first part, the tutorial, I’m using the microglitter in light blue. I also am wearing Moonflower’s noche as my base. This method works best if you matte your base.

Step one: Apply just a little bit of glitter from the pot onto your stamper. I am using Ejubas clear jelly stamper for these. You may feel like you need to cake it on there, but there’s no need. Trust me, a very thin coat is all you need. A sponge applicator will come with each pot that you order.


Step two: place polish of choice (once again, I’m using Rica’s topcoat) and scrape as usual. You’ll go ahead and use your now glittered stamper to pick up the image. I found using a medium touch worked the best with these stampers. The photo below shows right after I stamped onto my nail. I have the clear latex barrier on my cuticles. stamped

Step three: Using a light brush, gently brush off the excess glitters that didn’t adhere to your stamping polish. Here I removed the latex barrier. Easy cleanup! Such pretty snowflakes!


Step four: Topcoat with either your choice of matte or glossy topcoat. I chose seche quick dry, because I love how sparkly glitters look when glossy. I love how these came out!

light blue 2light blue

The next glitter is in the color navy. Same process, I just used a grey base for these.

navynavy 2

The last glitter I have to share, is in the color black. The one doesn’t appear as obvious in the photos as the sparkle is in person, but it’s there. For this glitter, I used noche for the stamping polish. If you choose to use a clear polish, it will appear grey and not as in your face.

blackblack 2

I found that if you ended up missing a spot on your image, you can take a fine tipped nail brush and gently apply some to where your image is missing. Then dust a small amount of glitter onto the wet polish. Dust off, and topcoat. I think each pot has enough for a ton of manis since you only need a little to put on your stamper. There is a learning curve to this technique, just like learning to stamp but I think the payoff is worth it. You can get very opaque, very blingy manis once you get the hang of it.

The pretties will be available starting November 24 on black friday! The pots will be 3g with the option of the pots themselves, or with a black stamping polish mini bottle. Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 25% off all stamping polishes in the shop. The code won’t apply to the glitters, but there’s loads of awesome stamping polishes to choose from. You can access the shop HERE.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤