Hello hello! Blush Lacquers will be holding a Black Friday in December sale this week, as well as releasing an incredible duo and group custom (for the Facebook group Fantasmic Flakies)! I’ll be sharing swatches of all three today!

I originally was going to make two separate posts for the custom and duo, but the custom will be included in special pricing, so I didn’t want anyone to miss out. I’ll have all the details below so let’s get started!

First, is the group custom. This is the photo the polish is based on:


Puddle Jumper. Official description: an olive base with sparkling gold and bronze micro flakes, and shifting red-orange-gold multi-chrome flakes. Opaque in 2-4 coats.

My swatches show three very thin coats with topcoat. I waffled quite a bit over whether or not to apply the third coat. I really don’t feel like three would be needed with normal nails, but given that I now have two repairs to hide I went for it. The formula is wonderfully dense and easy to apply. No fishing. The flakes laid down very well for me during application. All around easy to use and covered nicely. The base is pigmented so I didn’t have to pat down to get an opaque look.

In indoor lighting Puddle Jumper comes off bronzey to me. In bright lights it takes on an almost antique gold. No matter what lighting you’re looking at, those flakies just stand out and mostly appear red on the nail. It’s beautiful. I have nothing like this in my collection and I was pleasantly surprised with how hard I fell in love with this polish. It has an overall metallic sparkle and is quite blingey to me. I don’t feel like I did this beauty enough justice, so I will be adding a video underneath my blog links when I post to Facebook. I’ll add the video to my story on IG (@thepolishedmage) as well.

blush lacquers puddle jumperblush lacquers puddle jumper 5

I included both of the following because I literally shifted my hand just a bit and you can see how the overall appearance can go from bronzey/olive to that antique gold look. It’s amazing, you guys.

blush lacquers puddle jumper 2blush lacquers puddle jumper 3blush lacquers puddle jumper 6

Whew. Ready to get your socks knocked off again? Here is the Oil on Canvas duo.

Waterlillies at Dusk. Official description: a holographic shifting multichrome filled with flakies. The most visible shifts are blue-indigo-purple-pink and at extreme angles you can see shifts of gold and green. There is a very strong linear holo present and lots of color shifting multichrome flakies in pink-purple-gold-green.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Both polishes are damn near one coaters. The formula is very dense, and very easy to apply. The first thing you’ll notice is the holo is SO in your face. It’s fantastic. Yes, it really is that holographic in person. In indoor lighting you’ll see a lovely blue to indigo shift with purple in the back and on extreme tilt the pink and green glowing. There’s magical rainbow filled flakies evenly scattered throughout that just pack even more of a punch. This duo is so extra in a magical way.

blush lacquers waterlillies at dusk 3blush lacquers waterlillies at dusk 4blush lacquers waterlillies at dusk 5blush lacquers waterlillies at dusk 7

I don’t really care for how my shaded shot came out of this one, but I feel it necessary to show so you can see the flakies in their shifty glory.

blush lacquers waterlillies at dusk 6

Wildflowers at Dawn. Official description: a holographic shifting multichrome filled with flakies. The most visible shifts are pink-bronze-gold-green and at extreme angles you can see shifts of teal and blue. There is a very strong linear holo present and lots of color shifting multichrome flakies in green-blue-purple-pink

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Same very dense formula that applies wonderfully. You’ll easily see the base shift of a pinkey purple with green on the sides and gold on extreme tilt. The holo is very in your face like Waterlilies at Dusk. The flakies round this one out beautifully in indoor lighting where you’ll see the nice rainbow scattered over your nails. It’s freaking amazing. I can’t say enough praise for both. Both polishes have zero texture/lay nice and smooth after topcoat.

blush lacquers wildflowers at dawnblush lacquers wildflowers at dawn 5blush lacquers wildflowers at dawn 4blush lacquers wildflowers at dawn 2blush lacquers wildflowers at dawn 3blush lacquers willdflowers at dawn 8blush lacquers wildflowers at dawn 9

I highly recommend grabbing all three. Trust me on this one. Now for the sale and release info. The duo will not have a listing for both, so you’ll need to put each in your cart separately.

All three polishes will release Friday, December 8th at 7pm EST. Puddle Jumper will be removed Sunday, December 31st at 11:59pm EST (just for the month of December).

The new site will launch with Friday’s release: CLICK HERE.

Sale info:

The Black Friday in December sale will run from December 8th at 7pm EST to December 11th at 11:59pm EST. 

25% discount on the following regular collections (full sets & individuals):

  • Midnight Masquerade
  • Summer Soiree
  • BLUSH Beauties Fall Collaboration

30% discount on the Beach Bunny collection (full set & individuals).

10% discount on Puddle Jumper! Since this is a custom for the Facebook group, you’ll need to access the link that will be provided in the group. You’ll be able to purchase it for $8.55 during the sale. After, it will be $9.50. Click HERE if you’re not a member so you can join.

Spend $50 and receive a FREE bottle of our Matterial Girl Matte Top Coat.

Spend $75 and receive FREE shipping on both International and Domestic orders (in addition to your free bottle of Matterial Girl Matte Top Coat.)

$5 Discount Section!! There will be about 1-2 bottles per option and they can/will be: (You’ll be able to pick from a drop down menu.)

  • prototypes
  • discontinued polishes
  • old exclusives
  • and others

The Oil on Canvas duo will be $12, each.

Excited??? Take advantage of that free shipping people! Also, be sure to congratulate Victoria on the new site!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤