I’m very excited for this post! I was invited as a guest swatcher for Quixotic polish via the facebook fan group. I’ve had my eye on the brand since Mary launched, and after successfully snagging her epic Polish Pickup color, I think it’s safe to say I’m down the Quixotic Rabbit hole.

I’m going to be as thorough as possible in this post, as this is a pretty new brand in the nail community and I think there’s a lot of curious people out there (I was one too).

The New Years duo is a holographic set that compliments each other very well. They’re both packed with rainbow goodness, so I’ll be posting short videos in the fan group so you guys can see what I’m seeing in person.

Ring in the True. Official description: a true red (does not lean pink or orange) with linear and scattered holo.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. This one has a lovely medium viscosity, and applies easily. It’s packed with spectra flair, so just be a little mindful of overworking. I had no issues with getting even distribution on my nails and it’s safe to say that two coats will be max for full opacity.

This type of red is perfection to me. It’s cool toned and almost brick like. Sultry and vampy. The mixture of holo particles will give you some action whether in indoor or outdoor lighting. I can see this being perfect for holiday manis or Valentines. I wore it during the week of my finals and it wore very, very well on me. I swatched Ring in the True on a Saturday and it had barely even noticeable tip wear by Wednesday night. While this is subjective to the individual, I figured it was worth mentioning. Some intense holo’s have an almost metallic feel to it, this felt more like applying a crelly to me. I really love the formula.

Quixotic Polish ring in the true

I’m going to include shots with and without topcoat, so you can see there is minimal difference. I feel like with this one, it made it have even more depth after.

With topcoat:

quixotic polish ring in the true 6


Without topcoat:

no topcoat 2

With topcoat:

quixotic polish ring in the true 9

quixotic polish ring in the true 5

This is Your Year! Official description: a silver mixed linear and scattered extreme holographic polish.

Swatches show three very thin coats. I’ll notate which had topcoat and which did not. This one is a tiny bit thinner than Ring in the True, but builds nicely. You can get away with two coats depending on your application preference and if your nails are not a hot mess like mine. This beauty is HOLOOO. I can see it also doubling as a very dense topper as well.

quixotic polish this is your year

With topcoat:

quixotic polish this is your year 2quixotic polish this is your year 5quixotic polish this is your year 7

Without topcoat:

no topcoat 3

So very, very beautiful! I highly recommend taking the plunge if you’re like me and have been eyeing this brand. The duo will be available Friday, December 8th at 8:00 a.m. PST. 

Cost: $11 each, or $20 for the set. If you buy the set, you will get the December COTM for FREE! Yaas! Now this is only if you purchase on the 8th, so get those alarms set!

Where do you purchase? The Quixotic website: ->HERE<-.

If you’d like to take a peek at my videos outside of Instagram, the fan group is -> HERE<- to join!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤