Hey hey! I’ve got the newest collection from Emily de Molly to share today! I am absolutely blown away by them. Usually, when I sit down to work on a set, I know which ones I’ll start with and which ones I know I’ll need to take my time with for very detailed swatches.

This collection however, I just wanted to stare at them and admire the little glass bottles of magic. Anyone else ever feel like doing that? I don’t have a problem! 😀

Latent Beauty. Official description: a light beige/brown with strong green to pink shifting shimmer.

My swatches show two coats with topcoat. I’m going to take a minute and RAVE about the formula on this one. You know when you apply a cream polish and it’s just that right amount of thickness that is just so satisfying? This is one of those. It’s like a hot knife slowly cutting through a block of cold butter. Rich, and very opaque. If Paula Dean was into polish, I’m pretty sure she’d appreciate this one as much as I do.

Latent Beauty leans like a true nude on me, I love it. I think medium and darker tones can rock this one out. It dries down to a semi satin finish, but topcoat will give you a nice glossy look. The shimmer is very obvious in person, on tilt you’ll see the pink appearance which in some lighting can make the base appear to have pink undertones. It was being a little stubborn for me and only showing green in my photos, but I assure you it’ll wink pink at you in person. This polish makes me think of lace and elegant things.

emily de molly latent beauty 2emily de molly latent beauty 4emily de molly latent beauty 5

Downward Spiral. Official description: a navy blue holo with pink / green / gold shifting shimmer and iridescent flakes.

Oh Downward Spiral. How I love thee. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is perfectly dense and easy to apply. Those flakes are just incredible in person. There’s seriously so much going on here, like a mosaic of sparkle. The shimmer is hiding in my photos but there’s an ethereal glow when you tilt your nails in indoor lighting. It’s a bright green/gold at an angle, and pink in the center of the nail. My third photo shows the pink popping up in the center. The linear holo is very strong in person.

The first two photos have the green glow of the shimmer peeking out near my cuticles. I promise it’s obvious in person.

emily de molly downward spiral 2emily de molly downward spiralemily de molly downwardspiral 3

Swimming in Circles. Official description:  a bright teal foil with gold to green shifting shimmer.

Swatches show two thin coats with topcoat. This is seriously almost a one coater, even for my hot mess of nails. Very easy to apply. Personally, I think this flirts with being a duochrome. Depending on your lighting, you’ll see it lean teal, darker teal or a light emerald. There’s a reflective quality to it, and the shimmer gives a sparkle effect. The first two photos are in the light box, and the third I dimmed down the lights a bit so you can see what I mean with the lighting situation. It almost goes a touch blue. One word: mermaid. Very vibrant and rich in person.

emily de molly swimming in circles 6emily de molly swimming circles 4emily de molly swimming in circles 3

Untapped Potential. Official description: Purple / red / orange / gold multichrome.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. This is a little thicker than the rest of the collection but very workable. It reminds me of the burnished powders that everyone was going nuts for a while back. There’s no need for an undie, it gives the impression that there is one present. A lot of multichromes have a chrome feel when applying, but this one feels like a dense jelly during application. I really love the shift in this one. All of the colors are in the same family and blend lovely together. On tilt, that orangey gold pops out. I really wanted you guys to see that, so that last photo is with dimmed lights.

emily de molly untapped potentialemily de molly untapped potential 10emily de molly untapped potential 6emily de molly untapped potential 7

Tied to Mystery. Official description: a bright pink jelly with violet shimmer and iridescent flakes.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. I was very pleasantly surprised with the formula on this one. Looking at it in the bottle I expected a jelly that needed to be built up but that was farthest from the truth. This is another very, very close one coater. It is very pigmented, very smooth during application and everything lays down nice and flat. The shade is this brilliant pink that leans almost magenta with the shimmer present. The flakes give a gorgeous scattered sparkle and create a pond effect if you choose to do two coats.  You can see the flakes underneath and on top, while the violet shimmer creates an intense glow.

emily de molly tied to mystery 2emily de molly tied to mysteryemily de molly tied to mystery 3

I saved the two naughty ones for last. It’s been awhile since I swatched neons and my camera was not prepared for this lol. I’ll have videos of them in action in the comments section under my blog post in the Emily de Molly Facebook fangroup. Those will be color accurate and you can see just how sensitive these are. They’re both gorgeous thermals that are very vibrant.

Bright Counterpart. Official description:  a lime ( cold ) to neon yellow ( warm ) thermal with gold shimmer.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is  little thicker than the others but very pigmented and easy to work with. Those that know me well know how much I freaking LOVE lime green polish so this was instant love at first site out of the box. My camera however, not so much 😛 Cold state is a gorgeous bright kelly green and warm state is an eye searing neon yellow. The shimmer shows up stronger in the cold state and compliments very well with both colors. These are way underexposed so you can see the yellow. I found that my body heat made the yellow have a limey tone to it, and hot water/weather made it look more yellow. I promise the videos will represent this amazing polish better.

The photos may make my nails look lumpy, but I assure you it’s all water droplets. Apparently I’m very warm blooded and running the heat in the house didn’t help, lol.

Can you hear my internal cry of love clashing with WHY WON’T YOU PHOTOGRAPH PROPERLY???


emily de molly bright counterpartemily de molly bright counterpart 3

High Contrast: A purple ( cold ) to neon pink ( warm ) thermal with silver flakes.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Lovely, dense, heavily pigmented formula that is easy to apply. Dries down to a semi matte finish (as well as Bright Counterpart) that is easily taken care of with a glossy topcoat. The pink here is accurate on my monitor, but the purple is leaning blue which is not correct. It’s a gorgeous vibrant purple in person. The flakes come up easily with the brush, no fishing required and create an awesome pond look all over. It’s just so freaking pretty.

emily de molly high contrast 6emily de molly high contrastemily de molly high contrast 3

It’s really tough to say which ones are my favorites, they’re all so perfect and bring something different to the table. If I had to pick, it’d be Bright Counterpart, Downward Spiral and Swimming in Circles.

*Bright Counterpart is limited to one big batch, that won’t be restocked once sold out. There will be plenty in both shops and sent to stockists as well, though.

Release dates: Monday, Dec. 18th at 10am AEDT ( Australian site ) 

Sunday, Dec. 17th at 6pm EST ( US and international site )

Emily de Molly Facebook Fangroup

Thanks so much for reading! ❤