It’s that time of year again! The time for voting and the return of a handful of monthly mysteries. If you’re new to the brand, Baroness X has a monthly box that contains a themed polish and goodies based on a mythical figure.

Today I’ll be sharing swatches of a few polishes that were in boxes this year. They’ll all have a chance for return! So let’s get started!

Kali. Official description: a taupe base with orange to green shifting shimmer and metallic gold microflakies – a sheer formula which can be built up, used as a topper or layered over your favorite neutral.

Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. Formula built up nicely for me. I love this one so much, which is surprising as I tend to lean towards more eccentric shades. The shimmer and flakes in this one are everything! The shimmer shift is very obvious in person. I’d call this a perfect earthy polish with all the right extras. I used to love hearing stories about Kali growing up, she’s fearsome and awesome!

baroness x kali 5baroness x kalibaroness x kali 6

Rainbow Serpent. Official description: A blush pink/lime green kelly green/emerald green/blue multichrome with a light dusting of holo pigment and holo flakies with added pink/green glass flakies.

This polish. I see you Demi. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Rainbow Serpent is very interesting. Beautifully interesting. In indoor/dull lighting you’ll see emerald green with what appears to be a silvery sheen. When you tilt your nails you’ll see the blue shift and that interesting shimmer takes a backseat. There’s a light scattered sparkle throughout. Formula was a nice viscosity that applied easily. This is such a unique multichrome, it photographed the dominant shift easily for me but I wish I could capture the appearance in dull lighting without sacrificing pixel quality. I freaking LOVE this one, and not just because it’s green! Totally not being green bias here LOL

baroness x rainbow serpent 3baroness x rainbow serpentbaroness x rainbow serpent 6

Niseag. Official description: a darkened blue/green jelly with Pegasus pee (aqua/blue/indigo shift), a splash of silver pigment, and a sprinkling of black super holographic microglitter.

Well then. I raise you Rainbow Serpent with Niseag. I’m clutching my damn pearls over here. Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. Formula is that buttery glassy feel that I adore in Demi’s jellies (that sounds weird, but let’s roll with it). Niseag is a blue and green lovers dream made reality. It’s rich, it builds nicely and oh my that deep aurora shift. The sparkles are scattered all over, which I feel is very fitting so that all that smexy shimmer can take the spotlight. Freaking DROOL.

baroness x niseag 4baroness x niseagbaroness x niseag 5baroness x niseag 6

X’tabai. Official description: a silvery, almost lavender holo with green to violet shifting shimmer, holo microflakies, and sterling silver microflakies.

Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. This is ethereal in a bottle. So gorgeous and almost opalescent, and iridescent. Indoor lighting you’ll see the shifty glowing effect of that beautiful shimmer that easily goes from blue, lavendar and even a little green. The holo is even throughout the final look. Formula is almost jelly like, builds nicely. I can see this as possibly being a fantastic dense topper as well.

baroness x x'tabai 3baroness x x'tabaibaroness x x'tabai 4

Donglin Forest. Official description: a darkened slate blue jelly base with holo. Metallic gold shimmer for added depth and sprinkled with metallic gold flakies and gold holo microglitter.

Swatches show two medium  coats with topcoat. This was lovely, buttery and easy to apply. Formula feels like a crelly and there was no fishing required. I love this one so much, the gold shimmer if very obvious in person and contrasts perfectly with the base. I really didn’t want to take it off after photos. The mixture of particle sizes for the glitters, flakies and shimmer make a saturated constellation throughout your nails. Everything is nice and smooth after topcoat.

baroness x donglin forest 4baroness x donglin forestbaroness x donglin forest 3

Lastly, is a polish that is not a MMM. It is the new base designed for unicorn pee polishes (specifically Doomfire). This pretty is fantastic even on its own. It’s super squishy, very opaque and ultra glossy. Swatches show two thin coats on it’s own. As most of you know, Demi makes some killer Unicorn Pee polishes and this is perfect for them!

baroness x doomed 2baroness x doomed

Voting for fan favorites to return starts this Saturday, Dec. 16 at noon pst. 

I’ve got a little bit of insider info and general info for 2018 boxes: some of you have seen that the theme is space. We all know our Baroness uses some epic pigments, shimmers and flakies in her polishes when there’s space involved; including a unicorn pee month somewhere in there. However, there won’t be a voting and return of fan favorites next year, due to the above limitations. Be sure to turn on notifications for the Facebook group so you know when they go live, just in case. (Usually there’s a cap on boxes each month and launches have similar dates each month). If you want to be certain that you get a badass present to yourself every month, there are subscription options available. Subscription sign ups close January 2, 2018.

I may or may not be helping with reveals in the spoilers group, so be sure you’re in there too 😉 Click the links below if you’re not already in either one.

I have a feeling MMM’s for 2018 are going to be spectacular! If you missed any of this years beauties, including the ones swatched above, don’t forget to vote!!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤