I’ve got one hell of a compilation post to share! I have several multichromes from Emily de Molly that are currently released and need to be talked about! I’ll have a part two with thermals, glitters and shimmers published in a few days.

If you don’t already have these, I highly recommend picking them up along with the newest December collection! You can read my post on them HERE. As an umbrella statement, none of these require undies. You can easily wear any on their own. I apologize about the nail shape change, I worked on these over the course of a few weeks in between posts- I’m just keeping you guys on your feet 😉

Artfully Evasive. Official description:  a green to blue multichrome with silver holographic glitter.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is very opaque and easy to maneuver over your nails. The shift is very obvious in person and the sparkles are scattered throughout your nail in a manner that doesn’t overwhelm the center stage shift.

emily de molly artfully evasive 2emily de molly artfully evasiveemily de molly artfully evasive 3

End of Seasons. Official description: a burgundy red to orange multichrome, with gold holographic glitters.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat, same easy, very opaque formula. This may appear to be a bit subtle of the bunch, but in person the shift is apparent. This is a smoldering burgundy that has an inner glow. On tilt you’ll see the orange come out to play. I loved how this one looked indoors and outdoors, and the sparkle is just enough to not overwhelm. Like Artfully Evasive, there is no fishing or turning the bottle upside down required. It’s all ready to go when you sit down to paint.

emily de molly end of seasons 3emily de molly end of seasons 6emily de molly end of seasons 2emily de molly end of seasons 4

Ever Sort After. Official description: A dark purple with green / purple / red multichrome shimmer and silver flakes.

Swatches show two easy coats with topcoat. Aah, this tricky little minx. It was playing hard to photograph, as there is a ton going on here! Ever Sort After reminds me of a polish that Maleficent would wear, it’s all the shades she represents and is dark and vampy like her. Indoor lighting, you’re going to see a deep emerald green dominantly with the dark purple base along your clean up line. When you tilt your nails, you’ll see the purple shift very noticeably. The red shift seems to be adding depth here, it’s not super in your face but I think it adds to the purple to create a rich tone. This one is crazy and unique, in the best possible way.

emily de molly ever sort after 2emily de molly ever sort afteremily de molly ever sort after 3

Royal Dye. Official description: a purple to red multichrome with copper holo glitter, and red to green iridescent glitter.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. This one is LUSH. The purple takes on an almost indigo shade, and the red just glows like burgundy embers. Same perfect, rich and opaque formula as the above mentioned. I kept staring at my nails after application. It just blows my mind how Hayley has created these polishes; they’re so dense but never goopy. It’s crazy.

emily de molly royal dye 2emily de molly royal dyeemily de molly royal dye 5emily de molly royal dye 3

Shallow Depths. Official description: a green, blue, and purple multichrome.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Easy formula and so shifty. Indoor lighting you’ll see a deep emerald green with blue along the edges, and purple on a slight tilt. For those that appreciate the classic shifty polishes.

emily de molly shallow depths 3emily de molly shallow depths 2emily de molly shallow depths 5

Too Many Moves. Official description: a blue, purple, green multichrome with a sprinkling of silver holographic glitter.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Wonderfully dense, super opaque and easy to apply. The blue you’ll see is like a deep navy, then purple on tilt with the green on extreme angles. The green in my lower lighting photo is showing almost gold toned. I assure you, it is green. My photos are showing the blue pretty bright here, so I’d like to note it is more navy in person. The last two shots are more true to the main color you’ll see.

emily de molly too many moves 2emily de molly too many movesemily de molly too many moves 3emily de molly too many moves 4

Over Drive. Official description: a red to orange duochrome with multichrome flakies.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. I LOVE the flakies in this one, they’re very small so they make a nice scattered look that is even in appearance. Indoor lighting will give you more red leaning, almost a brick red shade. On tilt and shaded areas, you’ll see the orange shift just light up. Formula is a little more metallic that the others, but still a lovely opaque formula that is very dense and easy to apply.

emily de molly over driveemily de molly over drive 3emily de molly over drive 5emily de molly over drive 4

There you have it for the mutlichrome portion! As I mentioned before, formula on all is stellar and so very opaque! You absolutely can’t go wrong with any of them. My personal must haves would be Artfully Evasive, Too Many Moves, and Shallow Depths. They’re all available in both Australian and international/US shops:

Thanks so much for reading! ❤