I’m switching gears a little bit with this post today. I have the brand spanking new unicorn pee group custom swatches to share, plus a few extra things. I started out as a fan of the brand before I became a blogger, so I’ve been wanting to do a post on goodies outside of polish both new to the shop and things that I’ve used for quite some time. Also, never before seen nudes of my hand, so scandalous.

I’d like to start with the scrubs. So far the scents I have tried are Viva la Juicy, and pumpkin spice bread pudding (with bourbon caramel sauce). I am a die hard Viva fan. I love Juicy’s perfumes, I have multiple bottles in several versions. Viva is a dupe for the namesake scent, the bottle with the obnoxious pink bow. It’s a little florally, and a little sweet with a hint of vanilla. It’s divine. Back when I first became a customer to BX, I ordered the Royal Oil in Viva with the complete disbelief that I was able to get cuticle oil in that scent. It’s dead on. But more on oil later. Pumpkin spice bread pudding (to me) has warm notes of cloves, cinnamon and rum with an undertone of flakie pastry. Very fall and very tasty.

I’m extra in real life. I’ve always liked pampering myself. As a scrub junkie, I was so excited to hear that Demi was making them. Previously, I was just using them to shave. I’d take a little Dixie cup into the shower with the amount I estimated for use and after washing my skin, I’d apply a little to arms or legs until the sugar dissolved, then have at it with the razor. Compared to previous scrubs that I’ve used, BX’s have a true sugar grit and leave an oiled residue on the skin. My skin is left super soft and moisturized and when I use them for shaving I have found that I don’t need to apply lotion afterward. These are ‘oilier’ than other brands I’ve tried as well. That is NOT a bad thing and you’re not left feeling like an oil bucket afterwards. It soaks in nicely after rinsing. Due to this, I have also added it into to my swatching routine, using BX scrub before I begin. It leaves my swatch hand looking like I just did a full manicure on it. They look oiled, not greasy and any stray nasties on my cuticles are gone. They’re all ready for pics! I’d call it a 30 second manicure in a jar.

baroness x sugar scrub

Above is a comparison of the jar sizes (10 oz. and 5.5 oz.) in comparison to a polish bottle. There’s pretty micas and shimmers whipped in as well, that won’t stay on your skin after use. Not pictured is pumpkin bread pudding because there’s quite a bit missing since I’ve used it so much. It’s took real willpower not to use these until I got photos of them lol.

baroness x sugar scrub 3baroness x sugar scrub 4

Next is wax. These are freshly launched on the site and I have been so impatient excited waiting for these suckers to release.

Baroness X wax

The cups are 2 oz. ovals, and filled with approximately 1.6 oz. of wax. This was is soft, so no need to pop them out and cut. They come with this ADORABLE little silver spoon that is easy to remove what you want. I have a 25 watt hot plate warmer in my living room, and a 15 watt bulb warmer in my bathroom. This is handy, because I usually like to cut standard cubes in half for the smaller warmer. Each cup also has a suggested date to melt.

baroness x wax 2

The first one I melted was pumpkin spice and apple donuts in both warmers. Throw- (how far the scent travels) was very strong. While it’s subjective, I will say that I’m not really an apple scent kind of gal but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It’s a personal goal to see how many scents off Demi’s scent list I can go through. Though it’s hard not to keep ordering Viva over and over! Next wax order I will hoard them all, try new scents and report back. I heard through the grapevine that around January, larger wax sizes will be available in the shop, including fun shapes! Other scents that threw like a beast that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and recommend is Viva, Cranberry Marmalade, and S’mores. Even my husband was all over them, and he has a weaker sense of smell from health issues.

Royal Oil. I LOVE this oil. I use it in the morning and at night before bed. When I don’t, my cuticles get all angry and start doing very stupid things. Royal Oil is legit my #1 oil I have used. I’ve tried a ton from lots of brands over the years. I’ve seen the best results with this one so far. I don’t use it right before swatching because I’m not sure if it’s my skin tone or what, but when I oil just before photos I don’t like how my cuticle wrinkles look oiled. (enter scrubs!!). It’s just never been in my routine to moisturize before photos because I always did a quick mani routine for a dried look. (enter scrubs!) So I’d recommend as a routine for care around your photos, or if you just polish for yourself use all the time.

So without further delay, here I am nude. (for the sake of honesty, I do have an overlay on my middle and ring finger where you can see the crappy breaks. Traitors. I was a little too rough during some experiments at school with harsh chemicals). This is a few minutes after rubbing the oil in. As you can see, skin just drinks it in.

The cool thing about the Royal Oil is you can get a custom scent in with two scents off the scent list. This particular pen I’m holding is pumpkin oud and marshmallow. Spicey and sweet. I do pick a good combination, if I do say so myself. There’s several options of pen, brush and bottle, and refill bottle too.

baroness x royal oil.jpg

Now, I’d like to formally introduce you to the epic group custom.

X-Armageddon. Le sigh.

A beautiful magenta with scattered holo and unicorn pee. Swatches show three thin coats that build easily and have a very squishy smooth application. I’m so in love with this color, I think it’ll look fantastic on anyone. The red smolders wonderfully in the base. The green is being shy here, but on extreme angles you’ll see it shift. It’s been several days since I swatched it, and I’m still rocking it on my nails. I’m positive this shade will flatter any skin tone. In direct sun, you’ll see the scattered sparkles throughout from the holo. It’s just enough to show, but not overpower.

baroness x x-armageddon

baroness x x-armageddon 1baroness x x-armageddon 4baroness x x-armageddon 5baroness x x-armageddon 6baroness x x-armageddon 7baroness x x-armageddon 8baroness x x-armageddon 9baroness x x-armageddon 13

Demi’s polish names kill me, I love them so much. You’ll want to get your hands on X-Armageddon, it’s magical!

X-Armageddon will be released December 26 at 6pm PST. There will be 45 bottles available. Get those ninja fingers ready! You’ll need to be in the fan group to access the link when it goes live. Click below if you’re not in there already!

If you’d like to check out any of the amazing stuff I reviewed earlier, they’re all available in the shop already (some wax scents will be restocked soon)!

Also, on this date and time will be the first day for the January MMM’s to go live for purchase if you’re getting them manually every month. As mentioned in my previous post, next years are somewhat limited in that they will only be offered in over pours (if applicable) at the end of December 2018 due to the awesome pigments being used (and the unicorn pee somewhere along the year).

Have you tried any of BX’s badass products? Let me know any scents I should try next! Thanks so much for reading! ❤