It’s Polish Pickup time again! January’s theme is gemstones and crystals, and I’ll be sharing another knock out from Victoria! She chose the Moon of Baroda Diamond as her inspiration and it’s like she liquefied the stone and poured it into a bottle.

A little background for this beauty: The Moon of Baroda Diamond is a 24 carat pear shaped canary yellow diamond. It was originally part of the treasure of the Maharajas of Baroda, the royal family of Gaekwad for over 500 years. In 1860 it was fitted into a necklace and was sold to an unknown buyer in the 1920’s. It was purchased by Meyer Rosenbaum in 1943 and displayed in an exhibition in 1944. In 1953 it was worn by Marilyn Monroe in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes while she sang “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”. She also wore it during the promotional campaign of the movie and it was the largest diamond she ever wore in her lifetime. In 2008 it was displayed publicly at the Antwerp World Diamond Centre. The authentic Moon of Baroda is appraised at $1.9 million, however many replicas have been made of it and it’s true location is now unknown. It is rumored that if the Moon of Baroda is carried across the sea, it brings back luck to it’s owner.

Diamonds are certainly my best friend too.


A Moon Across the Sea. Official description: a sheer, but buildable champagne colored holo with yellow-green-blue shifting iridescent glitters of varying sizes.

Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. I am hesitant to give you an exact coat number, however I will say you can stop at three. The brushes Victoria uses for her polishes fan out and is one of those lovely wide types, so it helps to spread/build this polish out easily. I think depending on your application style and brightness of free edge, you may get away with two coats. I almost stopped at two, and there was just a smidge of my free edge showing so I went for the extra coat.

To me, the shade is a true champagne with a yellow gold appearance. I’m talking the bright type. On medium and darker tones this will probably pull a little more of the yellow gold. In indoor lighting (as I’m looking and typing in a dull lit work space) it’s coming off nice and yellow toned champagne. In bright lights, you’ll see it lean the champagne. Formula is wonderful and no fishing required. The larger shifty glitters picked up nicely for me too. This minx is SO blingy and holo. You will see a linear rainbow and sparkles in any type of lighting. Wear sunglasses in sunlight, lol.

blush lacquers a moon across the sea 2blush lacquers a moon across the sea 4blush lacquers a moon across the sea 5blush lacquers a moon across the sea 7

A Moon Across the Sea will release with all the other polishes and goodies this month on the polish pickup site. Release date is  Friday, January 5th at 11am EST through Monday, January 8th at 11:59pm EST. No caps on this beauty. Price will be $11.50.

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Thanks so much for reading! ❤