Here we are! Part II of the previously released Emily de Molly beauties! Feel free to check out part I, my multichrome compilation (here) if you’d like to take a peak! The more of Hayley’s polishes I work with, the more I am realizing that I can’t judge a polish from the bottle! The formula on all of these blew me away.

Let’s get to the goods!

Midnight Serenade. Official description:  a dark blue with pink/gold/green multichrome shimmer.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. I totally expected more coats given how prominent the shimmer appears in the bottle but NOPE. Perfectly opaque and even hid my crazy free edge perfectly at two. To me, this is a midnight blue (my favorite shade of blue) with very shifty shimmer. You’ll see pinky purple glowing in indoor lighting, and just a slight tilt of your hand, the gold and green just glows. I’m absolutely smitten with this one and I will lovingly shove you to pick it up. Formula feels deceptively thin on the first coat, but the second one you’ll be like, OH! Opaque! Personally I’d love to see more polishes like this from EdM, freaking stunning.

emily de molly midnight serenade 2emily de molly midnight serenadeemily de molly midnight serenade 4emily de molly midnight serenade 5emily de molly midnight serenade 6

Sparta Drive. Official description: a brownish pink with turquoise blue shimmer.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Another polish that taught me a lesson lol. Built up perfectly in opacity at two coats. This is a lovely pink that has undertones of brown, giving it a nice dusky appearance. The shimmer is very obvious in person and can be seen in any lighting situation.

Emily de Molly sparta drive 2Emily de Molly sparta driveemily de molly sparta drive 3

Stylish Cover Up. Official description: a dark purple to red thermal with gold shimmer.

Swatches show two easy coats. This beauty is a nice medium thickness that stays where you apply it. The shimmer is packed in here and gorgeous in person, and gives a sparkling effect. My fingers were pretty cold during photographing, so I apologize that even dipping in hot water I was still getting a nice berry red. Very beautiful, but apparently my cold heart is translating to my fingers 😛 Transition is very sensitive, so even with short nails you’ll have fun getting a change indoors/outdoors, cooking and showers. I tend to amuse myself when cooking with steam when I wear thermals.

emily de molly stylish cover up 2emily de molly stylish cover upemily de molly stylish coverup 4emily de molly stylish cover up 3emily de molly stylish coverup 5

The Heart of the Ship. Official description: a dark purple to raspberry red thermalwith copper shimmer and bronze flakes.

Swatches show two thin coats with topcoat. This one seems to be heat sensitive to me, rather than the traditional cold sensitive (correct me if I am wrong). It stayed purple for me until I used hot water to get the transition going. The warm shade is a gorgeous raspberry red that just pops when changing. The shimmer and flakes gives a nice pond effect that looks fantastic on both temperatures. The polish dries to a semi matte appearance without topcoat, so you’ll get that nice glossy look after topcoat. The cool thing about this one, is because it was heat sensitive, I got all kinds of artsy shots when it was fighting my water battle. Hard to pick my favorite.

emily de molly the heart of the shipemily de molly the heart of the ship 3emily de molly the heart of the ship 4emily de molly the heart of the ship 5

Sweet Jumps. Official description: a light brown/beige holo with gold flakies and turquoise and fuschia glitters.

Swatches show two medium coats with topcoat. I absolutely ADORE polishes that are speckled with multicolored glitters. These are seriously the shades that I gravitate to the most. This is another type that I’d love to see EdM come out with more of. It leans beige on me, but I feel like there’s almost a lavender undertone in there. You’ll see a lovely linear holo effect that’s a touch subtle and sparkles popping here and there from the flakies. Love, love, love.

emily de molly sweet jumpsemily de molly sweet jumps 2emily de molly sweet jumps 3

A few of these are sold out in the shops due to shipping delays, but should be restocked soon once it all gets sorted out. You can access both shops here:

Thanks so much for reading! ❤