The cats are headed back to space again in part II of their journey through the galaxy! I’ll be sharing the goodies that are included in the Cats in Space box outside of the polishes. Some boxes contained extras or X-Armageddon if you were randomly selected, but every box at least had these awesome products in it.

When my package came in the mail, it was the day after Christmas and the mail carrier was leaving packages on our door steps so I had to make sure to grab it as soon as she arrived. (Nothings ever been stolen before but all these stories you see posted during the holidays don’t help to prevent any panic). My son gets so excited for packages and I figured I’d oblige him when I opened this one and boy was the regret strong when I did LOL. It was a constant battle all week with at least 8 times a day asking if he could play with ‘squishy cat’ or use the ‘candy ball’ in his baths. Never mind asking if we could melt the paws because ‘they smell SO GOOD momma!’. Of course he inherited good taste from his mother…

I’ve had a nasty bought of flu all last week, but after hibernating for two days my nose seems to be in working order so I can properly smell and type for my opinions. Because we all know I like to talk on these posts.

First up are the items in this photo. When I saw that coin purse I chuckled to myself. He just look so happy. I can see him trying to bat the planets out of his way. There’s the pink/blue duochrome meow sticker, a multichrome ring, two paw wax melts, pusheen wax melt and previously mentioned ‘squishy cat’. Squishy cat had to be removed from his packaging because my rotten child has forever sticky hands and the bag was not very appealing in appearance after all the grabbing and begging over the last few days. The paws are in the scent lavender shortbread cookies. Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of lavender but real talk: this one is delightful. lavender is the main note I’m picking up, but it’s soft and there’s a bakery undertone right behind it. This scent is one of the lighter ones out of all the waxes I’ve smelt from BX so far. Pusheen is in the scent tropical xmas. I actually checked the site to see if it was still in stock and you guys bought them all up! My husband was poking around me a bit ago when I sat down to edit the photos and I asked him to smell it, and he goes OOOOH that one is nice! (he’s so damn picky on smells). I find myself not able to truly describe the scent, it’s a tropical, sweet blend that is freaking amazing. I try to not use the official description so I can describe what I’m smelling but I kind of have to here. From the website: BX’s blend of vanilla bean noel, hibiscus and a touch of goji. It’s almost got a vanilla tone with almost a pineapple? I highly recommend adding one to your next order to try.


‘squishy cat’ squiiiiiiiiiiish

box 3

The multichrome ring is so pretty! The outer part is a glittery texture and shifty rainbows!

box 4

Here is the ‘candy ball’ (cotton candy scented bath bomb), sugar soap, kitty litter bath milk, lip scrub and galaxy slime.

box 5

The whipped sugar soap comes in the scent cherry almond. This is a scent I probably wouldn’t have put on priority as cherry is usually a miss for me, but this is delightful. It doesn’t have that alcohol-ey tone to it. It reminds me of those cordial cherries you can get around Valentine’s Day. It’s sweet and the almond’s undertones compliment it very well. I might just get this scent in my next cuticle oil pen. This is a lesson that I really do need to keep making my way down that scent list! If you didn’t read my review post with X-Armageddon, I use these scrubs to shave and prep my hand for swatching. These sugar scrubs have a true grit, so they’re also good for at home pedis. When rinsed off, you’re left with soft super moisturized skin that you may not need to apply lotion afterward (I don’t).

box 7

The Kitty litter. The name cracks me up, it’s so adorable! These space rocks are like pop rocks for your bath water as they’ll pop and fizzle in there. The scent is in blood orange goji, which is a lovely orangey citrus smell. It’s one of those invigorating scents that just makes you feel pleasant. It’ll make your water moisturizing and smell awesome!

box 8

The lip scrub comes in the scent dulce de leche. I actually used it right before sitting down for this post. It’s been so cold here because Texas weather is drunk apparently and between the harsh weather and the flu, ironically your girl needed something like this. The lip scrub is oilier than the body scrub which is fantastic! A little goes a long way, I learned the hard way and accidentally used a bit too much. I used a few dabs of my finger in there, and then gently ran it over my lips. I took a warm wet rag and softly removed. My lips feel exfoliated and soft. Dulce de leche smells like a true caramel scent to me. Semi-sweet and rich.

box 6

Remember that flu I mentioned earlier? Well I sneezed on my hand. Just kidding, it’s the galaxy slime! I’m a ten year old most times. I’m shocked the kid didn’t notice this one first. It’s clear, full of glitters and flakes and I’ll admit I actually played with it for a good while with the excuse of getting a good photo. **EDIT: I am so sorry, the slime was from a previous MMM and I mixed up the posts. I apologize, too much DayQuil!**

box 11

There’s another bag in the box. This one is quite larger than the coin purse, so for reference I put the ‘candy ball’ in the shot too. That bath bomb is pretty large in my opinion, so you can see how it’d easily fit in there.

box 9

And finally, a family photo. Here’s all the pretties together that make up the Cats in Space box.

box 10

Overall I think this was a pretty fantastic box, especially given the price they went for. I was also introduced to new scents I hadn’t tried out yet. It gives a good introduction into things you may not know you’ll fall in love with. (Like the MMM’s *cough*).

This box has officially sold out, which means that the polishes will be going up for sale soon. If you read my review on them, I mentioned that there will only be 25 bottles of each shade put on the site. They’ll all be full sized.

Live Long & Paws-per – $17

In A Galaxy Purr, Purr Away – $13

Meow-ky Way – $11

Space Cat – $11

If you’d like to see my review of the polishes, (CLICK HERE.) The release should be in the coming weeks. When I have a date I will be updating the post, and it should also be added to the pinned post in the X Army, as well as officially announced (so turn on those group notifications).

Thanks so much for reading! If you got the box, let me know what was your favorite, especially if you found you loved a scent you were new to. Or, if you have a kid that wouldn’t leave you alone about the box either LOL ❤