Happy new year! I’ve finally grown out my breaks, filed and given myself a nice full mani and decided as a celebration to wear something epic. I chose Sleigh Bells because Victoria knows a thing or two about flashy, blingy epicness.

I originally wasn’t going to do a post on it, but I was just so damn floored by it, that it felt wrong not to chat a little about it. (We all know how much I like to talk on here).

Some lucky customers got this polish in their black Friday orders, so there’s plenty of swatches to peek at in the Facebook fan group as well.

Sleigh Bells is officially described as a periwinkle blue base holo with a pink-gold shifting shimmer and shifting purple-blue-green multichrome flakies.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. I really think two coats should do it for everyone. My nails are pretty obnoxious regarding the free edge peeking through and I had no issue stopping there. It dries down quickly, so waiting for the first coat to dry isn’t bad. The second coat covered everything nicely (especially with that lovely wide, fluffy brush). Formula is very dense and stays put where you apply it. This baby is loaded with flakies and they all stayed nice and flat for me even before topcoat. Indoor lighting you’ll see that blingy holo give a linear rainbow, and come off like a glitter and give loads of sparkle. The shimmer smolders in the background pink with the gold shift showing on extreme angles. My camera is picking up the holo dominantly in my photos, but I promise in person you’ll see the shimmer. I’m rubbing my nails right now as I type this and it’s all even and flat to the touch. You’ll see the flakies appear a dominant purple against the periwinkle background and they’ll shift to blue and green in shaded lighting. You can see that on the final shot, where as usual I dimmed down the lights. I can’t say enough good things about this polish. It’s beautiful, and definitely should be something everyone picks up while it’s in the shop.

blush lacquers sleigh bellsblush lacquers sleigh bells 3blush lacquers sleigh bells 4blush lacquers sleigh bells 5

Sleigh Bells will be available through January only, for $10.50. Also available this month is a best of 2017 trio that includes Escargot, non?, Frosted Foliage, and Twilight Maiden. All three are absolutely spectacular as well and priced at $30. Those three will continue to be offered, but after the 31st will be back to normal pricing individually. I’ll link the Facebook fan group here as well, in case you’re not in there. It’s a lovely laid back group where you’ll get sneak peaks first.

Have you gotten your hands on this one yet? It truly is a stunner so let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for reading! ❤