I’m skating on by with this post and the release of Polish Pickup’s opening for February, it’s been madness in Texas with the weather and all these mail delays!

We got actual snow TWICE here, which translates to the state being in a panic and closing all the things. Friends to the North, we love y’all, but keep the crazy cold to yourselves! 😛

This month’s theme for PPU is sugar rush! Makers have been cranking out amazing products with the inspiration being all things giving way to cavities! It’s torment seeing the inspirational photos, I may or may not have had to impulse purchase some sweets during my last few grocery store runs.

Let’s start with the Blush!

Pocket Full of Cherries: official description- a dark burgundy/maroon base with a shifting green to pink shimmer and scattered holo pigment.

Inspired this this drool worthy dark cherry granita. I need to find a place that makes these, stat.


My swatches show two and three coats with topcoat. I’ll notate the one with three. Formula is perfectly dense and applies easily on the nail. Most of my photos are with two coats, as I personally feel that it is completely opaque then (and maybe even overkill at three). The base color is one of those that will build quickly and appear to be much darker at three versus two. I’d like to mention (very loudly) that in indoor lighting this shade will appear more maroon (deep red with strong brown tones). In bright lighting/outdoors, it will have some tones of burgundy (some undertones of deep purple in a dark red). If you choose to do two coats, you’ll see it more burgundy; while three will give you that richer, chocolatey red.

Please keep in mind the green to pink shifting shimmer is (what I think) making the base a little difficult to nail down. On extreme tilt, you’ll see the pink come to play in shaded lighting. Mostly, you’ll see the green as a linear speckled look. The holo takes a backseat to the shimmer, and appears as a scattered sparkle effect.

Cap: NO CAP.

Price: $13

Three coats:

blush lacquers pocket full of cherries three coats 2

The rest are two coats:

blush lacquers pocket full of cherries 7blush lacquers pocket full of cherries 3

Dimmed lighting: In this last one, the chocolate red base appearing here is what I’m seeing in indoor lighting. Bear in mind the shimmer shift isn’t super in your face but rather subtle, so on extreme angles, you’ll be able to see it.

blush lacquers pocket full of cherries 4

Next up is Baroness X!

This month BX is offering her lovely acetone antidote in the scent pistachio macaroon, based off this photo:


If you’re unfamiliar with how these nifty things work, acetone antidote is an additive that you add to your pure acetone that makes removing your polish less harsh on your nails and skin. Essentially, softening your acetone. It’s moisturizing on your cuticles and you won’t get that awful dried out ash look. As a bonus, it also adds a lovely subtle scent that lingers after use. BX’s antidote comes in these cute potion bottles (The Polished Mage is always looking for nerd references, so we’re going with potion bottles) and one full bottle is added to 6-8 ounces of 100% acetone. I usually replace the cap on my acetone bottle after adding, and give a good shake to the bottle for full incorporation. You’re ready to go after! If you add to 6 ounces, the scent will be stronger with maximum moisture, and 8 ounces will make the smell a bit more subtle and the moisturizing effect a bit less.

baroness x acetone antidote

Above is the exact bottle being offered for PPU. The scent is… wow. As a regular blogger for BX I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t gotten to cross this one off my list until now. The main note I get is a bakery style, almost almond scent with undertones of pastry and perhaps just a touch of vanilla? You absolutely must smell this one in person (the antidote bottle and on your nails, NOT when it’s in your acetone bottle).

As we all know, this is what our nails look like freshly after removing polish with 100% pure acetone (lawd look at those cuticles):


And this is right after removing polish with an entire bottle added to ~6 ounces of pure acetone:


Much better. As a side note, I found an awesome small sized, handy pump bottle which is totally replacing my two year old pump bottle. I removed about a half inch worth of acetone to guestimate roughly 6 ounces.


Cap: NO CAP  ***ETA My apologies! There is a cap at 230 bottles.

Price: $4.75

I’m so glad neither of these have a cap, because they’re both fantastic! I’ll have one more polish to share hopefully soon since USPS has decided to hoard my package. Polish pickup opens this Friday, February 2nd at 11 am EST and will be available until February 5th. If you haven’t already, make an account on the site so you can build a wishlist! Be sure to join the Facebook group so you can see tons of additional information, swatches and be involved in voting for the monthly themes!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤