I have the newest collection releasing from Blush Lacquers, and wow this is one amazing set! This six piece set is inspired by the romanticism and fantasy surrounding the roaring 20’s, and they all fit their inspirations perfectly!

I have contracted a plague, the flu so I’m all medicine head. I must say, given that I’m home bound and hubs has taken over my command of household, it’s been the most peaceful blogging experience yet LOL!

Toe Tappin’ Flapper. Official description: a deep olive base with brown tones, golden green shimmer and holo flakes.

Swatches show two coats with glossy topcoat. The shimmer is subtle, but noticeable on tilt. The sparkles are densely scattered and give a gorgeous depth. Formula is nicely opaque and spreads evenly during application. After topcoat, everything is nice and smooth. When Victoria does greens, the crowd parts. Green lovers, and even those that don’t usually gravitate towards greens: this is a must have.

blush lacquers toe tappin flapperblush lacquers toe tappin flapper 3blush lacquers toe tappin flapper 4

This Side of Paradise. Official description: a mint base with a soft copper to bronze to gold shifting shimmer, scattered holo and bronze micro flakes.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t need the third coat as we were given the info that a third might be needed in our blogger info. Formula is medium/light thickness and applies very well. This is another shade that is completely smooth after topcoat. It does dry down ever so slightly matte, so be sure to use a glossy topcoat if that’s your thing. The shimmer is very obvious in person and the micro flakes don’t require any fishing or that nonsense. On extreme angles you’ll see the shimmer shift from a light copper to gold.The color reminds me of a soft, minty sea foam and I can tell that it’ll be a perfect polish for spring.

blush lacquers this side of paradise 2blush lacquers this side of paradiseblush lacquers this side of paradise 3

Wildest Dreams. Official description: a muted lavender base with a subtle pink to bronze to gold shifting multi chrome (green can be seen at extreme angles) and scattered holo.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. This beauty dries down matte, so again use a glossy topcoat if that’s what floats your boat. My photos are showing this shade lean more lavender, so I apologize- in person I’d describe it as a neutral greyed lavender. The shimmer is absolutely obvious in person and appears dominantly pink to me. The holo is also subtle, and gives a nice soft appearance throughout. I fell hard for this one and it was a welcome surprise! I felt like this flattered my skin tone very well and didn’t wash me out. Those of you that are medium to deeper tones, I can safely say there’s no need to be shy with it.

blush lacquers wildest dreamsblush lacquers wildest dreams 2blush lacquers wildest dreams 3

Swingin’ at the Savoy. Official description: a deep sapphire base with a subtle blue-purple (teal in extreme angles) shifting multi chrome, a light touch of scattered holo and gold micro flakes.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula will appear to need three coats when you go to apply your first coat, but I found that I didn’t have to apply the third, and that two was just enough for my application style. The main color you will see is this intense, deep sapphire that is rich and glowing. The purple shift is subtle, and on tilt you’ll be able to see it. It was being a little difficult for me to capture the shift, you can see it peeking out a little on my dimmed photo. The holo is nicely scattered and gives a nice twinkle. This is another from the collection that I didn’t want to take off. It’ll be my weekday manicure for sure.

blush lacquers swingin at the savoyblush lacquers swingin at the savoy 3blush lacquers swingin at the savoy 5blush lacquers swingin at the savoy 4

Splendid!. Official description: a soft camel colored base with a subtle gold to bronze shifting shimmer and holo flakes.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. This will also dry down flat, so use a glossy topcoat to finish your manicure. I was pleasantly surprised that this one, like the others also didn’t require three coats for me. Formula is a perfectly dense, medium thickness that spreads nicely over your nails. The shimmer is appearing subtle here, but I assure you there’s a nice inner golden glow that you’ll see in person. This shade is very interesting as I don’t have anything like it in my collection. Final verdict: I love it! It’s a delicate neutral that has a soft scattered holo appearance with the flakes. Everything is nice and smooth after topcoat.

blush lacquers splendid! 2blush lacquers splendid!blush lacquers splendid! 3

Lipstick Matchsticks. Official description: A bright, flashy red base with pink tones and a matching red shimmer.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. You can see a little bit of my VNL (visible nail line) showing here. I stopped at two as it looked perfect to me without the third coat. Talk about a camera freak out lol! This is a very bright, raspberry red with pink undertones. My photos are leaning a little more neon red than what you’ll see in person. Again, I apologize, but I’d rather keep things as minimally processed as possible. The shimmer appears orange-y in certain lighting, but mostly red, while giving an almost sparkly effect. Formula applies easily, in a medium/light feel. If you’re like me and appreciate the louder colors, this one needs to come home with you!

blush lacquers lipstick matchsticksblush lacquers lipstick matchsticks 2blush lacquers lipstick matchsticks 3

My absolute must haves from this collection would be Wildest Dreams, Toe Tappin’ Flapper and Swingin’ at the Savoy. If you’re new to Blush and considering getting hooked, I’d like to mention that the brushes that are used in these bottles are those fluffy wide ones that I personally find to be amazing during application. The collection releases Friday, February 23rd at 7pm EST on the Blush website (link below). If you’re going for the full collection, it’s $56.50. Individual pricing:

Lipstick Matchsticks: $10.75
Splendid!: $9.00
Swingin’ at the Savoy: $10.75
This Side of Paradise: $8.50
Toe Tappin’ Flapper: $8.75
Wildest Dreams: $8.75
The 1929 Collection will be heading to stockists soon, however the dates are TBD. Be sure to join the Blush Facebook fan group to see additional swatches from other amazing ladies and get sneak peaks from the leading lady, Victoria herself.
Are you planning on picking any of these up? Talk to me! Which ones are your favorites, or are you planning on treating yourself and getting the full shebang?? Thanks so much for reading, as always! ❤