It’s PPU time! March’s theme is books! If you’re new to the polish pickup pack, it’s a Facebook group that began as a way for customers to choose their own products for a collaboration box. Each month there are dozens of makers that offer up various custom nail polishes, bath and body products and even home scented goods.

Customers vote each month for the themes and the makers choose what their inspiration will be around the theme that wins. Shopping only opens for a few days, so you’ll need to mark your calendars. I’ll have links at the end if you’re not in the Facebook group or know where to shop when the times comes.

Blush Lacquers chose The Great Gatsby for her inspiration. It’s no secret that our lovely maker is all about the vintage vibes, and you can tell there’s some amazing thought put into this shade. The polish is based off of this photo from the movie:


An Eccentric Billionaire. Official description: a muted soft yellow-green crelly with pink-purple-blue-green multichrome flakes, a shifting pink-purple-red-gold shimmer, scattered holo and holo flakes.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Depending on your application style, you might want to do three. I found that two medium coats went on smooth and easy and covered my obnoxious smile line just fine. Formula is buttery smooth, and there was no need to fish or carefully place the brush for coverage of the flakes and holo specks. This is the type of crelly that feels medium/light during application and stays where you put it (I feel like these types of formula make it easy to not require much clean up afterwards). To me (and on me) I’d describe it as a very light pistachio with some yellow undertones. It’s beautiful. It reminds me of a speckled egg (I think I’m dreaming of spring too much lately). The holo is scattered, and makes for a nice even sparkle. The flakes are of varying sizes so you’ll see an awesome splattered effect. They’ll shift through the full green, dark purple, some pink, and dark blue. To top it all off, the shimmer is so glow-ey gorgeous. It’s being a bit shy in my photos, but it gives a nice inner depth that is predominantly pink and purple in person. My nails are smooth to the touch after top coat, which is amazing considering how much awesomeness is packed in here. I can safely say any skin tone can pull this off and it’ll look amazing!

blush lacquers an eccentric billionaireblush lacquers an eccentric billionaire 3blush lacquers an eccentric billionaire 4

The way to my heart is through green polish. Especially the lighter variety. Add in flakies, holo and shimmer and you’ve got me wrapped around your finger! An Eccentric Billionaire will be available only through the Polish Pickup site from Friday, March 2nd at 11am EST through Monday, March 5th at 11:59pm EST. No caps on this beauty and it will be $13.00 for a full sized bottle.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤