It’s PPU time! March’s theme is books! If you’re new to the polish pickup pack, it’s a Facebook group that began as a way for customers to choose their own products for a collaboration box.

Each month there are dozens of makers that offer up various custom nail polishes, bath and body products and even home scented goods. Customers vote each month for the themes and the makers choose what their inspiration will be around the theme that wins. Shopping only opens for a few days so you’ll need to mark your calendars. I’ll have links at the end if you’re not in the Facebook group or know where to shop when the times comes.

Baroness X chose Clockwork Orange for her inspiration. This month there will be two scents offered in acetone antidote. I’ve been pretty sick the last week and a half, so I am thrilled that my sense of smell is back just in time for me to create this post and give my thoughts. These two are some of my favorite scent profiles! If you’ve never used acetone antidote before, they are nifty little bottles that you add the entire contents to, to about 6-8 ounces of acetone. Ideally it is added to 100% acetone, but you can add it to your purple remover or any other remover of your choice to give a boosted moisturizing effect. Pure acetone is awesome in it’s removal qualities of polish but we all know that it is so drying on cuticles and nails (especially if yours are porous like mine). I prefer to add one bottle to roughly 6 ounces of acetone for maximum scent load and effectiveness. After use, the scent will lightly linger on your nails. Below is shown with just plain acetone, and then acetone plus additive.



First, is Clockwork Orange. This smells predominantly orange to me, with creamy vanilla undertones. It’s like an orange creamsicle. The orange is a true orange scent. Demi’s foodie scents have made me go to the grocery store on more than one occasion, they’re so damn good. I might have to steal some of my son’s popsicles tonight.

baroness x clockwork orange

The second additive is Moloko Drengo. Inspired by a spiked drink in the book. This smells like straight up cookies to me. I get a little bit of chocolate as the first part with undertones of sweet dough. It smells amazing!

baroness x moloko drengo

Cookies and creamsicles, anyone? These will be available when the Polish Pickup site opens from March 2-5th, starting at 11am EST. Each acetone antidote will be $4.50 and capped at 115 bottles so be sure to be ready when sales open.

As always, thanks so much for reading! ❤