I have the newest collection to release from Emily de Molly to share today! This mix is a lovely pallet that pretty much sums up my love for this time of year. Entering into warmer weather with the remnants of cold still lingering, this set has warm shades with a touch of deeper colors.

This is going to be a tough release EdM fans! This set comes in the holographic boxes.

A Peacocks Charm. Official description: a green to blue multichrome with gold shimmer, blue chrome flakes and gold holographic micro glitters.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. This is one unique polish! Formula is perfectly dense, with a medium feel during application. The polish stays put where you place the brush and it’s safe to say you’ll only need the two coats. In any lighting you’ll see the super strong gold shimmer. Indoors, the base looks almost indigo to me; and on tilt I can see an intense blue shift with the blue flakes scattered throughout. The gold micro glitters are perfectly scattered during application and create a dense sparkle. Nails are smooth to the touch after topcoat. I have to hand it to Hayley, when she makes multichromes like these, they’re so unique. I have quite a large collection and these shifty, shimmery, multifaceted shades stand on their own pedestal.

emily de molly a peacocks charmemily de molly a peacocks charm 2emily de molly a peacocks charm 3emily de molly a peacocks charm 5

You can see the bright blue shift peeking out when the lights are dimmed, and your nails are tilted.

emily de molly a peacocks charm 4

Charismatic Puzzle. Official description: a dark purple with pink / gold / green shifting shimmer.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula feels like a dense foil during application and stays where you place your brush strokes. Another very unique take on a multichrome. I’d describe the finish as a foiled multichrome. The final product gives you this sparkling foiled appearance and this baby shifts like crazy! Nails are smooth to the touch after topcoat. You’ll see the intense deep purple that’ll effortlessly shift from golds, pinks and greens. It reminds me of the multichrome metals on jewelry.

emily de molly charismatic puzzle 5emily de molly charistmatic puzzle 4emily de molly charismatic puzzle 8emily de molly charismatic puzzle 6

emily de molly charismatic puzzle 7

Dappled Lilac. Official description: a dusty lilac holo with gold shimmer and turquoise, fuchsia, and copper micro glitters.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. I was pleasantly surprised that I got to stop at the second coat. This one feels like applying a creamy linear holo. I  have an intense love for Sweet Jumps, and when I blogged about it I mentioned that I wanted to see more polishes like that from EdM. I know I’m not the only one that loves these unicorn confection looking shades. This is Sweet Jumps’ cousin. The shade is a dusty pastel lilac, in person you’ll see the gold shimmer easily and no fishing required to get those adorable glitters to apply. Nails are perfectly smooth after topcoat. The sparkles and holo are not overly intense, but not understated either.

emily de molly dappled lilacemily de molly dappled lilac 2emily de molly dappled lilac 3

Hanging Gardens. Official description: a bright green with iridescent flakes and copper micro glitters.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is creamy feeling and very opaque at two coats. My nails are also smooth to the touch after topcoating here too. This shade is a green lovers dream. It’s almost pastel like, but not quite. The flakes and micro glitters create a pond effect with a nice depth for the final look. The copper glitters make a scattered sparkle. I’d say this is a perfect 1-UP mushroom from Mario color.

emily de molly hanging gardens 2emily de molly hanging gardens 4emily de molly hanging gardens

Idle Sails. Official description: a blue foil with gold to green shifting shimmer which can give it an overall green appearance.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula has a medium feel when applying and your brush strokes feel like butter. Polish stays put where you apply it. Nails are smooth after topcoating. I think it’s worth noting that the formula is very forgiving, I accidentally bumped my fingers when I was setting up my light box, and all I had to do was dab a little from the brush to correct. EdM foils are some of the more challenging for me to photograph/describe (in the best way possible), I seriously walked around the house trying to decide what color I was seeing. In bright lights, it’s a brilliant blue, but in dimmer indoor lighting it takes on an almost aqua appearance with all that lush gold to green shimmer. Idle Sails is reflective and reminds me of metallic wrapping. This one makes me think of nautical themes and will be perfect for warmer months.

emily de molly idle sailsemily de molly idle sails 2emily de molly idle sails 3

Old Flame. Official description: a burnt orange holo with gold flakes and gold holographic micro glitters.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula applies like a cream here as well. The holo is linear and the gold flakes and micro glitters give a soft scattered sparkle. I’d describe the base as a softened burnt orange that is flirting with being a pastel. Nails are smooth to the touch after topcoat.

emily de molly old flame 2emily de molly old flame 3emily de molly old flame 4

Prismatic Mode. Official description: a lightly tinted purple/grey base with iridescent flakes and pewter holographic micro glitters.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. If you apply on the thinner side, you might find that applying three works best. I tend to apply my polish on the medium side- not too much but definitely not globbing it on either, and found that two gave me full opacity. This beauty is SO SPARKLY in any lighting. The flakes range from small the medium so they add this beautiful iridescent effect against all that bling. This one went right into my pedicure since it’s totally sandal season here already and I love having little disco balls on my toes in cute shoes. Highly recommend if you love complex finishes that shine like diamonds (yes, please!).

emily de molly prismatic modeemily de molly prismatic mode 2emily de molly prismatic mode 3

Sharp Turn. Official description: a neon pink foil with gold to green shifting shimmer.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. If you’re familiar with any of EdM’s shimmers, you’ll know they are damn near one coaters and Sharp Turn is no exception. This one is absolutely stunning with a unique take on such a creamy base. I’d call it a cream/foil hybrid. The shimmer is sparkling like a foil, but the base is dense like a cream. The shimmer shifts easily from gold to green on tilt. I’d like to note that I’m usually very picky with pinks, most times the base is super warm like my skin tone so as pretty as it is in the bottle, it’ll wash me out. I feel like Sharp Turn has a touch of cool undertones mixed in with the warm tones of the shimmer to flatter me. Those that are medium to deep shades should find that this pink flatters gold undertone skin tones very well.

emily de molly sharp turn 2emily de molly sharp turn 3emily de molly sharp turn 4

It’s hard to pick my personal favorites from this collection, they are all very unique takes on their respective finishes with easy to apply formulas. If I absolutely had to pick, top three would be Dappled Lilac, Charismatic Puzzle and Hanging Gardens… while still giving longing looks to the others. The March collection releases in both shops:

Thanks so much for reading! ❤