It’s polish pickup time! This month’s theme is Across the Universe: Planets and Galaxies! Love, love, love space themed everything! Today I’ll be reviewing and sharing Baroness X and Blush Lacquers contributions!

Blush Lacquers chose to think outside of the box for her contribution. This polish is based off of the scene from It’s a Wonderful Life where George tells Mary he will lasso the moon for her. While the film is in black and white, Victoria chose to base the shade off of the super romantic quote of what the moon would look like here. thumbnail_Screen-Shot-2015-02-27-at-9.19.42-AM

Lasso the Moon. Official description: a soft, silvery-taupe base with a violet-blue shimmer, holographic pigment and holo flakes.

Swatches show three thin coats plus glossy topcoat. Those with shorter nails can easily get away with two coats. Formula has a medium feel when applying (stays exactly where you put it) and for being a pale crelly type of finish, I was impressed that it built to full opacity so easily. I could have stopped at two, but felt like three evened everything out with my very wide nails. The polish dries down a bit flat, almost satin like so I recommend a good glossy topcoat so you can see the shimmer just POP.

I’d describe the base color as a silvery white, or a white with a grey caste and a neutral undertone. The shimmer is absolutely incredible in person, very obvious and depending on any lighting you will see it appear as blue or violet. It reminds me of a holographic pearl. It’s being a bit shy here, but in person it is very noticeable. You can see it peeking out on my nails where they reflect off of each other. The holo is scattered and gives a subtle sparkle with the flakes. I turned the lights down as usual in the last photo, and you can see how different it looks. Very elegant!

Price: $13.00

No cap.

blush lacquers lasso the moon 5blush lacquers lasso the moon 4blush lacquers lasso the moon 6blush lacquers lasso the moon 3

Baroness X picked Tesla’s Starman for her inspiration. This month, we are seeing a new scent in her acetone antidote.


Starman. Official description: a blend of vanilla with hints of black cherry and leather.

If you’re familiar with my previous reviews on BX’s acetone antidote, I add the entire vial to 6 ounces of acetone for maximum moisturizing effect and scent load. It’s recommended to add to 6-8 ounces of acetone depending on how strong you’d like it. You can add it to pure acetone, or any remover really to soften the drying effects of removing your polish.

If you’re like me, you probably read that description and feel a little shy given the combination. Honestly, I am completely blown away by how good it smells. My husband, the lovely but insanely picky on scents guy- even loved it. I quote: “Mmm. I bet that’s what a Tesla smells like”. (He’s a bit of a Tesla fanboy). On first whiff, you get a balanced black cherry and vanilla with the leather as an undertone. It isn’t overwhelming, and I’ve personally never smelled anything like it.

Price: $4.75 for one 15ml vial.

Cap: 190

baroness x starman 2

Removing polish with 100% pure acetone:


Removing polish with softened acetone- one vial added to 6 ounces 100% acetone:after

Smell goods and polish: yaaaas. Both of these and many more will be available Friday, April 6th at 11am EST to Monday, April 9th at 11:59pm EST on the Polish Pickup website. Don’t forget to join the Facebook group too for additional swatches and theme voting!

Be sure to add these two to your wish lists for quick grabbing abilities when the site goes live! Thanks so much for reading! ❤