Today I’ll be sharing the April group custom for the Facebook group Multichrome Madness! This month, the featured maker is Vapid, surprise!! This custom has a little twist that gives a fun spin to the usual multichrome finish; I think even the bloggers were pleasantly shocked lol! Sneaky, sneaky Vapid team!

As of right now, this little baddie doesn’t have a name, members are currently suggesting names in the Multichrome Madness group as I type this, but don’t worry, if you aren’t in there, I’ll have all the links at the end of the post per usual!

Swatches show two coats with Vapid’s QDTC (which is what I’ve been using in all my swatches since November for those curious). Formula is very interesting- from my experience with shades that are loaded with shimmer pigments, I always expect to need to work up to opacity. This one feels medium in density, but preserves a jelly application. It’s stays where you put it, which is the bizarre part for me; it feels jelly, but it’s very opaque. Am I making sense? Lmao! In my description I’m going to refer to the multichrome aspect as a shimmer, since it takes on an opaque shimmer appearance.

No-named is a thermal! In cold state it’s a rich chocolate with red to copper shifting shimmers and a dusting of holographic pieces that are uniform in size. In warm state, it takes on a very light brown, that appears neutral against my skin tone. The shimmer is deep red to copper in the cold state, but gets more dramatic in the warm state (to me). On extreme angles you can see a green to gold shift. Overall, the polish dries down matte, so be sure to use a glossy topcoat to really see all that shift and shimmer explode! Per usual, I dimmed down the lights so you can see just how much it lights up in the last photo.

thermalthermal 5thermal 6thermal 7thermal 4thermal 11thermal 12thermal 10thermal 9

At this time there is not a release date set yet, however as the featured custom for April it’ll be around for the month! As mentioned earlier, you must be a member of the Multichrome Madness Facebook group to be able to purchase this beauty! When it does go live, it will be available in the Vapid shop.

There are some amazing swatches from the incredibly talented Lisa of Cosmetic Sanctuary, and Kezia from One Hundred Brushes, for more shots and ranges of skin tones and nail shapes for this pretty! You can also check out Delanie of Fat Cat Pawlished awesome videos for live action swatching, just give a tap on those names to check them out!

**Edited to Add: Release info! The polish has been named!! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot will be on pre-order starting April 10th and run until April 25th.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤