April is upon us and that means Demi of Baroness X is returning from her trip and is ready to kick some serious ass with new releases and some super amazing things in store for us fans!

Today I’ll be sharing her newest creations, the Sugar and Spike trio that gives a wonderful transition from the cool tones of the winter months to vibrant, bright shades that are making me wish for summer.

I’d like to mention, tomorrow (Friday the 6th at 1pm CST), I’ll be going live in the Facebook fan group with these polishes to show application and in general just chat with the group! I’ll have links at the bottom per usual in case you’re not in there.

Azul Agave. Official description: a blue leaning aqua crelly with blue to purple shifting shimmer, packed with bright iridescent rainbow flakies.

Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. Formula is a squishy jelly that has a medium/light consistency and builds up nicely. You can see a bit of my smile line in my photos, which I think actually compliments this polish. All those flakies and shimmers give a nice rainbow pond effect on the nail so it seems fitting that the base be slightly sheer so you can actually see the layers of color. The base shade is so pretty, it’s like a happy medium between aqua and blue. In person the shimmer is obvious in any lighting and dominantly appears purple against the base color.

tealteal 3teal 5teal 4

Azucar Cane. Official description: a green neon with silvery snow flakies and a sprinkling of holo pigment.

Swaches show two coats with topcoat, NO UNDIES. This pretty is a bright, brilliant neon green that has white undertones (as opposed to many neon greens that have yellow undertones). My faaaavorite. You’ll see the flakies all over, they’re the smaller type so they easily make a dense scatter on your nails. The holo sparkles appear subtle in indoor lighting, in sunlight you’ll see the little sparkles all over. Formula is medium consistency that feels very opaque during application. If you are gentlr on your brush strokes, you’ll be smooth sailing.

greengreen 3green 4

Pitaya’s Guise – a purple (cool) to pink (warm) thermal with green to purple duochrome shimmer and a bit of very small holo pigment.

Swatches show three very light coats with topcoat, NO UNDIES. This one can be a two coater depending on your application style. This little minx was just a shifty little thing that transitioned so quickly on me!! Warm state is a Barbie pink and vibrant purple when cold. I always judge pinks harshly because they’re so finicky on those with medium to deep tones. This one will flatter all of the above. The shimmer is obvious in person and appears mostly purple with the green shifting on tilt. Formula feels medium to me and builds very easily to opacity. I went a little crazy with the photos because it was transitioning all over the place.

thermal 8thermal 3thermal 2thermal 7thermal 5thermal 4

Mmm neons. The trio will be launching on the Baroness X site in two waves. Both will be pre-order. Demi is returning from her trip so she’ll be releasing them like this so that she can get your pretties to you in time.

  • Release 1: April 21st to 24th at 12 noon PST; shipping starts May 8th.
  • Release 2: April 25th at 12 noon PST; shipping starts May 14th.

The trio will be priced at $27 for the set. Individuals will be:

  • Azul Agave $11 (blue)
  • Azucar Cane $9 (green)
  • Pitaya’s Guise $10 (thermal)

Don’t forget I’ll be going live with these on 4/6 at 1pm CST if you’d like to see them in action! To celebrate Demi returning, I’ll also be giving away a bottle (or two 😉 ) of the thermal. Be sure to join the group, because I may have other giveaways planned for more of them!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤