Hey all!  Today I’ll be sharing swatches for the Facebook group custom Fantasmic Flakies. The featured maker for April is Nadia of Moonflower Polish. She’s known for her stamping polishes, but this particular creation is worn as a regular polish.


Sweet Dreams is a deep purple base that leans almost blurple to me. There’s aurora shimmers (red/pink/gold shift) and loaded up with crystal chameleon flakies that shift from red/purple/gold/green. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula to me feels on the medium/thicker side. It’s very opaque and feels almost like her stamping polishes, but applies like a normal polish, without fighting with it. The aurora shimmers give a primary red inner hue in any lighting and the flakes appear primarily red to me against the base. On tilt, you’ll see all the flakies shift to green and gold. This one dries down a bit flat, so be sure to use a glossy topcoat to get all the flakes to pop. My nails feel smooth to the touch after topcoat.

In shaded lighting and not so intense lighting, you’ll see the flakies stand out more, I feel like in bright lighting it may be a bit shy, but I promise in person they’re scattered all over the place.

On my monitor I’m seeing purple in my photos, but I’ve been told that they are leaning a touch indigo/blue on other screens. I apologize if what you’re seeing is not purple. The base is definitely a deep purple with indigo undertones.

moonflower polish sweet dreamsmoonflower polish sweet dreams 4moonflower polish sweet dreams 5

See? I’m not crazy, they’re all over the place!

moonflower polish sweet dreams 8moonflower polish sweet dreams 6

Sweet Dreams is an LE polish that is only available for the month of April, so grab it while you can! Price is $10 for a full sized bottle (15ml). As with all group customs, you must be a member of the group to purchase. If you’re not in there, request in- then click on the link below to order!

Nadia doesn’t usually make regular polishes, so don’t miss out on this beauty! Thanks so much for reading! ❤