Today I’ll be sharing swatches of Emily de Molly’s April releases! I’ll admit, I try very hard to remain in full review mode when I make review posts. I am a nail polish enthusiast at the end of the day, so sometimes it’s hard to not gush when a collection speaks to me.

The April set consists of a theme that reminds me of a sci-fi novel, and the names match too! When I first opened my package, I geeked at the names and fell in love opening the boxes. Due to the amazing shades in this collection, I did have to use my phone to get more color accurate photos on a few. I’ll notate which ones are not with my regular camera. (Your girl has a DSLR on the way, so future posts will be so much better and we won’t ever have to do this again- YAAASSS!)

Glimpses of Twilight. This is a dark purple base with very strong turquoise shimmer, copper holo glitters, and metallic glitters. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is nice and opaque and was flat to the touch after topcoat. The shimmers in this will appear blue-ish in bright lighting, but dominantly look green in normal everyday lighting.

emily de molly glimpses of twilight.jpgEmily de molly glimpses of twilight 4.jpg

Emily de molly glimpses of twilight 5

Distance from the Sun. Swatches show two easy coats with topcoat. Formula is the same lovely opaque goodness we’ve all come to expect with EdM’s. On cold it’s like a dark grey/lavender with undertones that are almost denim color. The shimmers in this one are everything! They’re a perfect strong copper that appears strongly in either state. The holo glitters are scattered evenly with no fishing and everything is nice and flat after topcoat.

emily de molly distance from the sun 4distance from the sundistance from the sun 3distance from the sun 4emily de molly distance from the sun 3

Collector of Maps. Swatches show two easy coats with topcoat. This is a green to purple foiled multichrome with metallic blue microglitters. It’s got that glowing reflective appearance but there’s a nice shift depending on your lighting and angle. Beautiful coverage, and the blues, teals and purples are just amazing. The purple shift is a bit subtle, I feel like the obvious shift is greens, teals and turquoises.

emily de molly collector of maps 5

This is a phone image, but you can see the shift and how I’m angling here shows how it’s an aqua with the blue on the edges.

emily de molly collector of maps 3emily de molly collector of maps 8

Here you can see the flakes and a bit of the deeper shift. So gorgeous.

emily de molly collector of maps 2

Double Take. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. My camera could not handle the amazing shimmer against the intensity of the base. I was a little discouraged with how my photos were appearing so off, and it just felt so wrong to not showcase how magical this polish is. I was wearing it to class and it was so perfectly sunny outside, I knew I had to try again with outdoor shots. It also helped that I was listening to one of my favorite Sia songs, and she repeats ‘you can do anything’ and I was like: YES. Yes I can, and dammit these will be color accurate. So I present, outdoor shots with my phone, that are finally what I’m seeing in person.

The shimmer is incredible and really lights up on the cold state. Both states are so in your face. Formula is on the medium/heavy side but applies easily. This shade dries down a bit matte, so use a nice glossy topcoat for all that shimmer to pop! It’d describe the cold state as a rich blurple, and the warm a bright medium blue.

double take 2double take 5double take 6

Dreams of Glass. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. The base is a very pale purple with undertones of grey. It’s loaded with blue shimmers, orange flakes, and silver holo glitters. Application was wonderful, this is one of those types of crellies that start off opaque from the first layer. My nails are smooth to the touch after topcoat. Very sparkly and ethereal. I can see this one leaning lighter on medium to deep skin tones. I feel like it pulled lighter and popped against mine.

emily de molly dreams of glassemily de molly dreams of glass 4emily de molly dreams of glass 3

Expelled from Paradise. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. The base is a pale pink/leaning purple with strong green shimmer, scattered holo and green flakies. In my photos, it’s leaning a touch more pink- in person it’s lighter, not as intense. The shimmer is very obvious in person and the formula has a medium feel. Easy application, and dries down sort of satiny so be sure to use a glossy topcoat.

emily de molly expelled from paradiseemily de molly expelled from paradise 4emily de molly expelled from paradise 3

Magnetic Fields. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. The magnetic particles shift from pink, orange and gold while the base reminds me of a chocolaty burgundy all with a heavy dusting of gold flakies. This is a first from EdM and I hope to see more in the future, as this one is super gorgeous. I’d like to make a note here on how I have found the best results with magnetic polishes, as this isn’t my first rodeo with them. Allow your first coat to dry down normally, then apply the second layer and immediately hold your magnet as close to your nails as possible for roughly thirty seconds. Immediately topcoat and hold the magnet again for 20-30 seconds. A quick dry works best, because when you go to topcoat, it’ll re-wet your magnet layer and smear the particles a bit. Using a quick dry while you set the magnetic particles allows a faster drying time and your finished look to stay on your nails. Do this for each individual nail, and you shouldn’t have a problem. Magnetics are awesome for those that want nail art without dealing with stamping or gradients! Any magnet will work, so long as it is a strong one. Neodymium magnets work the best, so if you don’t have one just search for that on amazon or any nail art site.

emily de molly magnetic fieldsemily de molly magnetic fields 2emily de molly magnetic fields 7emily de molly magentic fields 8

Teller of Tales. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Oh how I love the bling here! The base is an intense purple with red undertones, loaded with copper shimmer, green/blue/purple/red flakies and copper holo glitters. Formula has a jelly feel, but is perfectly opaque during application. This one just GLOWS and those flakies compliment the overall look perfectly. After topcoat, everything is nice and smooth to the touch.

emily de molly teller of talesemily de molly teller of tales 3emily de molly teller of tales 2

It’s safe to say this collection is my favorite that I have been able to work on (shocking- especially for my love of the February collection!). I highly recommend picking them up, you can’t go wrong with any of them! They release April 23 at 10am AEST on the Australian site, and April 22 at 8pm EDT on the US/International site. Be sure to join the EdM fan group for more swatches and sneak peaks!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤