Hello fellow polish people! Today I have loads of lovelies that are brand spanking new to Lemming Lacquer that are releasing this weekend.

There will be two collections in this post, so I apologize for those on mobile as this will be more picture heavy than my usual posts. Both sets are releasing simultaneously so I figured I’d save ya’ll a couple of clicks and get them all in one go. To my followers, I know in my previous post I said my big fancy new camera will be used in future posts, but sadly it did not arrive in time for this collection (boo USPS) so you’ll need to read more of my babbling because I have LOADS to talk about on the majority of these polishes. 😉

Let’s start with Ruth’s Alternative Caring Collection. This set has a nice mix of shifting shimmery jellies and holos. There’s loads of me talking coming so let’s dive right on in!

Jack, I’m Mellow. Official description: A chartreuse holo.

Swatches show two coats with glossy topcoat. Formula has a medium feel and applied very nicely with a smooth jelly feel. Holo is a nice linear look, and this color leans just yellow enough that it doesn’t wash me out.

lemming lacquer jack im mellow 2lemming lacquer jack im mellowlemming lacquer jack im mellow 3
Golden Age of People not Being Such Dicks All The Time. Official description: a topaz holo with copper/gold/green shimmer.
Swatches show two coats with glossy topcoat. Formula feels like Jack, I’m Mellow. The shimmer does give an almost reflective finish, it is a little less jelly feeling than the above, feels more like a true linear holo. I’d describe this color as a rich darkened gold.
lemming lacquer golden age of peoplelemming lacquer golden age of people 3lemming lacquer golden age of people 4
Omega Strain. Official description: a kelly green jelly with red/bronze/copper shimmer and purple/blue/green color shifting flakes.
Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. Oh these jellies. So beautiful and complex. The flakies are wonderfully large, so on all the jellies releasing I will advise to just be careful overworking your brush so you get perfect placement. I had no issues, but I figured it was worth mentioning. I’m going to go out on a whim and say the shimmer reminds me so much of unicorn pee it isn’t even funny. Trust me when I say the shimmer in all of the jellies in this post is so much more OBVIOUS in person. I have confirmed with Cassie that it is not UP, but I can safely say that the shift and pigment look so very close. You’ll have to trust me dear readers, these are so much better in person. I really hate that the DSLR isn’t here yet.
lemming lacquer omega strain 5lemming lacquer omega strain 6lemming lacquer omega strain 9
Per usual I dimmed the lights so you guys can see the bronze and red shift. It’s beautiful. As mentioned previously, the shimmer is so much stronger in person.
lemming lacquer omega strain 8
How Can I Healp You? Official description: A robin’s egg blue with gold/copper metallic flakes and bronze microflakes.
Swatches show two easy coats with topcoat. Very creamy feeling during application, with a medium/light feel. No fishing and even application overall. In my photo’s it’s leaning a touch darker. I’d describe it as a true baby blue.
lemming lacquer how can I healp youlemming lacquer how can i healp you 3lemming lacquer how can i healp you 2
Bottomless Pit of Need. Official description: a red-violet holo with purple/pink shimmer.
Swatches show two very easy coats with glossy topcoat. This was almost a one coater for me, and I just needed the additional layer to achieve full coverage due to my very wide nails. The holo is quite intense and in person you’ll see little red flecks from the shimmer. This one dries down very glossy on its own so feel free to use any topcoat.
lemming lacquer bottomless pit of needlemming lacquer bottomless pit of need 2lemming lacquer bottomless pit of need 3
Can-nabis, Not Can’t-abis. Official description: a light purple with purple/pink/orange microflakes and purple/blue/green color shifting flakes.
Swatches show three coats with glossy topcoat. I’d like to note that my photos are leaning deeper than the true color (why on Earth couldn’t the new camera be here sooner?!). In person, it’s lighter. A nice pastely lavender. I was so frustrated that the microflakes take on a reddish tone in person but it’s totally being shy here. Formula applies like a jelly so be careful with your brush strokes with those lovely flakes and you’ll be just fine.
lemming lacquer its can-abis not cant-abislemming lacquer its can-abis not cant-abuslemming lacquer its can-abis not cant-abis 3
Cosmic Dipshits. Official description: a deep blue/purple jelly with purple/blue/teal multichrome shift and red/gold/green and purple/blue/green flakes.
Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Trust me when I say once again, that the shimmer is just so magical in person. It’s like Omega Strain. You’ll see the shifty goodness mostly in teal against a rich bluple base.
lemming lacquer cosmic dipshits 2lemming lacquer cosmic dipshits 6
They Go Low, We Get High. Official description: a pastel green crelly with red/gold/green flakies.
Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula feels crelly like and builds easily. The base is such a perfect spring/summer transition shade. Of course all that flakie goodness is hiding here, but in person it’s much more obvious. It’ll give off golds and greens, with red in dimmer lighting.
lemming lacquer they go low we get high 2lemming lacquer they go low we get highlemming lacquer they go low we get high 4
Beautiful right? Up next is the Anniversary Quad.
Fairy Pools. Official description: a dark teal jelly with red/bronze/copper multichrome shimmer, purple/blue/green flakes and blue/pink/gold flakes.
Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is the same glassy jelly feel and applies nicely, once again just be careful with your brush strokes. The shifting shimmer is so much more YUM in person. I sound like a broken record, but I’m serious when I say the jellies are just incredible and my camera is just being a poopy mcpooperson.
lemming lacquer faerie poolslemming lacquer faerie pools 2lemming lacquer faerie pools 3lemming lacquer faerie pools 4
Midsummer’s Eve. Official description: a grassy green with copper/gold/green multichrome shimmer and red/gold/green shifting flakes.
Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. The shimmer and flakies are just EVERYTHING once again. Formula feels a little lighter than the others on this one, but coverage is just right at three coats.  The flakies shift effortlessly and compliment the shimmer perfectly.
lemming lacquer midsummers nightlemming lacquer midsummers night 3lemming lacquer midsummers night 4
Enchanted Glen. Official description: a purple leaning blue with bright green shimmer, blue/purple/pink flakes and blue/pink/gold flakes.
Swatches show two coats with topcoat. This one is a bit more dense than the other jellies and I had full coverage at two coats. I really with I could invite everyone over to come see these, so much better in person!! The shimmer in this  appears nice and bright against the base.
lemming lacquer enchanted glenlemming lacquer enchanted glen 2lemming lacquer enchanted glen 4
Queen Titania. Official description: a magenta pink jelly with pink/purple shimmer, blue/pink/purple flakes and red/gold/green flakes.
Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. This is a stunning magenta!! Formula is the same as the other jellies. The flakes and shimmer contrast against the bright base beautimously.
lemming lacquer queen titanialemming lacquer queen titania 2lemming lacquer queen titania 3lemming lacquer queen titania 5
Even though the jellies are not unicorn pee, I think if you’re a fan of that pigment you need to pick these up! The shifts are very similar, and it kills me that even my low light photos don’t do them justice. The jellies are lovely on their own, and I can see that they would also make for beautiful layered manis as well. Both collections release TONIGHT April 20, at 7pm CST.

Be sure to grab these, so you can see how amazing these are in person! Thanks so much for reading! ❤