Happy Sunday lacquer geeks! I’m so very excited for this post, not only is Vapid’s April polish releases absolutely gorgeous but everything is photographed with my new baby! YAAAASSS. Krys was inspired by breaking the monotony of rainy, cold, drab weather of April and bursting into some COLOR for this release. I’m over here on the sides like HUZZAH! Here in Texas it’s been so flip floppy, and call me weird but I enjoy the scorching summers here. This collection is full of intense colors that I think definitely nail what she was going for.

Trite. Swatches show two coats, with topcoat. This is a gorgeous cobalt blue, with a densely scattered sparkle and what I can tell as tiny little silver flecks. Formula has a medium feel and felt very dense during application.

vapid lacquer tritevapid lacquer trite 2vapid lacquer trite 3vapid lacquer trite 4

Concord. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. This is an intense, deep purple filled with pink shimmer. The shimmer isn’t so much in your face, but adds a depth to the overall finished look. It’s very posh, and chic in my opinion. Formula has a medium/heavy feel but applied very easily. I was expecting a jelly application, but it is very pigmented and you’ll be fine at two coats.

vapid lacquer concordvapid lacquer concord 3vapid lacquer concord 2vapid lacquer concord 4

Conquest. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Another very chic feeling polish. The base is a rich berry shade with bright purple (almost fuchsia to me) shimmer. Formula has a medium feel and applied easily. I have to note that these shimmers all have very good self leveling. You won’t need to overdo it with brush strokes.

vapid lacquer conquestvapid lacquer conquest 2vapid lacquer conquest 3vapid lacquer conquest 4

Venus Fly Trap. Swatches show three coats with topcoat. This is the ‘thinnest’ in the set, however I have full coverage opacity on my VNL at three coats. If you have shorter nails you might get away with two coats. Keep in mind I’m putting my hand in a very bright light box, so if you squint you’ll see my smile line. In person it was barely noticeable. The base is a chartreuse green that is loaded with sparkles and those tiny silver flecks. Very sparkly in person and my nails feel smooth to the touch after topcoat. In our blogger info it’s described as an electric avocado which I can’t argue with! I think that’s 100% accurate for this polish!

vapid lacquer venus fly trapvapid lacquer venus fly trap 3vapid lacquer venus fly trap 2vapid lacquer venus fly trap 4

Aquatica. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula has a medium feel and is very opaque. The opacity during application felt like those frosted metallics that you can stamp with (does anyone know what I’m talking about??), the base is a medium bright green with sparkles and tiny silver flecks. I absolutely ADORE how it looks against my skin tone.

vapid lacquer aquaticavapid lacquer aquatica 2vapid lacquer aquatica 4vapid lacquer aquatica 5

Flamingle. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Once again, I fully expected this to go to three coats, but was pleasantly surprised to stop at two. Formula is medium feeling and stays where you put it with easy coverage. The shimmer is hiding in my photos, but in person it adds depth. This base is a brilliant, saturated, rich pink with the strong purple (almost fuchsia to me) shimmer. If you look at the tips of my nails you’ll see what I’m talking about, the shimmer is peeking out on them.

vapid lacquer flaminglevapid lacquer flamingle 2vapid lacquer flamingle 4vapid lacquer flamingle 6

Tantrum. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. I’m sounding like a broken record- but formula was medium feeling, easy to apply and was fully opaque at two coats. The base is a bright, though deep pink with a linear holo appearance. I’d describe the base shade as a pink with true red undertones. The holo almost gives a shimmer appearance (though it’s just holo). If you’re wondering the differences in bases (outside of finish) of this one against Flamingle: Flamingle leans more like a neon to me, while Tantrum is a deeper in color.

vapid lacquer tantrumvapid lacquer tantrum 2vapid lacquer tantrum 3vapid lacquer tantrum 4

Hostile. Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula was very opaque on this one. It’s almost a one coater for me. I do have insanely wide nails so regardless of opacity I’ll always do a second coat. This is a very rich, bold purple with linear holo. This also has a similar effect in person like Tantrum- it almost appears to have a shimmer to it (but it doesn’t).

vapid lacquer hostilevapid lacquer hostile 2vapid lacquer hostile 3vapid lacquer hostile 4

This collection releases Saturday, April 28th (time TBA). They will be sold in singles only, so no sets. These will have a somewhat limited amount, with plans to restock one more time in the year. For this launch, bath bombs will be released for the first time (yay!), as well as a restock of Clique and No Can Do Sugar Cube. Be sure to follow the Vapicorn group for the official restock post for alllll the info! I’ll have a comparison shot for Hostile and Conquest that I’ll post in the group in a day or two.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤