This month is going to be a rough one for polish pickup fans (I’m right there sobbing with my wallet too omg). There’s so much gorgeousness going on, and if you’re like me the level of nostalgia is overpowering!! The 90’s will always have my heart! This month I have a few polishes and other goodies to share, and oh my polish fairies are they glorious! I’ll be covering the contributions (alphabetically) from Baroness X, Blush Lacquers, Crystal Knockout, Fair Maiden, Lemming Lacquer, and Moonflower Polish.

Baroness X has two contributions this month! One is her acetone antidote + clean up brush set, and earrings from her first brand, Demiflux!

Fiiirst is the acetone antidote. This duo was inspired by VHS tapes and sour patch candies! Who remembers going to blockbuster and buying all the funky candy there?? This comes in the scent ‘be kind, rewind’. I get a lemon lime blend at the forefront, with a fizzy undertone. If someone mixed sprite and green skittles, this is exactly what it would smell like!

One bottle is added to 6-8 ounces of acetone for a lingering scent on your nails and ‘softens’ the harsh effects of acetone- you’ll get the polish removing power of acetone, but without the harsh dryness. I personally use these with roughly six ounces because my cuticles are always so worn down from all the polish changing that I do. I also love Demi’s scents so I like to keep it super concentrated as my personal preference.

The brush is a metallic rainbow with a slanted brush that makes cleanup nice, as the bristles aren’t too soft, but have a medium firmness to it.

bx new duo

Cap: 250

Price: $7.75

Demiflux Earrings! These are inspired by the oversized windbreakers of the 90’s, specifically the duochrome interplanetary body gear. Fun fact, Demiflux is the og brand from Baroness X, it was the first brand that was created and paved the way for the existence of Baroness X! These pretties are super sparkly, shifty and loaded with flakes! They have those flattened backings so they stay put on your ears. I personally find these types of backings gentler on my ears and don’t wiggle. To give you a better idea of size, here they are on yours truly. I wore these to a part this weekend and I got tons of compliments! They come wrapped in a black box with multichrome tape so they’re like a gift to yourself- or other’s but let’s be real; PPU is about pampering ourselves. 😉

earrings 2

bx earrings 2

The smooth backing I was referring to. The backing is attached to the flat piece that rests against your ear.


Cap: 95

Price: $11.50

Blush Lacquers chose the 1999 movie ‘She’s All That’ for her inspiration. I loved this movie too! (I’m telling ya’ll, the nostalgia is very REAL this month)!

You Don’t Take Art. Official description: A purple base with a strong coppery-red-orange to gold shifting shimmer (with green at extreme angles) and a light touch of scattered holo pigment.

Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. You can definitely stop at two coats for a more jelly look with a pond like effect, but I went for three and it gave a very strong opaque look. So, I’m a bit on the fence and I’ll say 2-3 coats for this one depending on what your preference is. The base is a deep purple, the shimmers hands down steal the show on this polish. I can safely say I saw the green shift when the light hits just right on a tilt. The shift is very reminiscent of unicorn pigments, so of course I asked Victoria so that I can report back to make sure my eyes were seeing right. Answer: it’s not, however it’s close to my eyes. The holo is a complementary scattered appearance and allows the shimmers to do all the work.

blush lacquers you dont take artblush lacquers you dont take art 3blush lacquers you dont take art 6blush lacquers you dont take art 5

Cap: None

Price: $12.75

Crystal Knockout chose Backstreet boys as her inspiration, a particularly yummy picture of them in a light purple theme. I legit had my walls COVERED in posters of them when I was younger- and for the record AJ will always be my man!

BSB Girl. Official description: a lavender metallic holo with a periwinkle flash, an indigo-violet aurora glow, purple-blue iridescent shimmer, and iridescent blue flakies.

Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. Formula is on the light side, and I can see this also making for an awesome topper. The polish stayed where I placed it on the nail, and I had zero issues trying to fish anything out. I had full coverage opacity at three coats, and it built up nicely for me. Those with shorter nails could probably get away with two coats, depending on your preference. The base is a light lavender, and all those shimmers give an inner glow when you tilt your nails. There’s sparkles galore and the flakies are nice and big so you’ll see the whole shebang after application. There’s almost a reflective quality here, and my nails felt smooth after topcoating.


Crystal knockout bsb girlcrystal knockout bsb girl 2crystal knockout bsb girl 3crysal knockout bsb girl 4

Cap: None

Price: $12

Fair Maiden chose the TGIF theme for her inspiration. Oh I remember those shows. I remember having dinner around our box tv with these shows playing.

You Got it Dude. Official description: a neon red polish with a soft indigo shimmer and loaded with blue green purple shifting UCC flakes.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. This was interesting to me, because the formula has a light/medium feel to it, but it was fully opaque at two coats for me. My nails were smooth to the touch after topcoat. In person this is a REALLY eye searing neon red, and the indigo shimmer is more obvious in person. I had no issues with fishing, and the flakies laid down flat during application. Sunglasses recommended.

fair maiden you got it dudefair maiden you got it dude 2fair maiden you got it dude 3fair maiden you got it dude 4

Cap: None

Price: $11

Lemming Lacquer chose Daria for her inspiration! I remember hanging out at my aunt’s neighbors house to catch episodes. Such good memories!

Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. Formula is a glossy, squishy jelly feel. I was pleasantly surprised there was no smile line to be seen at three coats given how squishy this one is. The shimmers have a very obvious shift from golds, greens, and a bronzey red. This is like a multichrome shimmer that creates a depth in a deep forest green base. Those that are fans of unicorn sibling pigments will love this one too.

lemming lacquer youre standing on my necklemming lacquer youre standing on my neck 2lemming lacquer youre standing on my neck 3lemming lacuer youre standing on my neck 5lemming lacquer your standng on my neck 6

Cap: 250

Price: $12

Moonflower Polish chose The Lion King as her inspiration. Particularly a photo with the characters in the ultra colorful jungle.

I Just Can’t Wait. Official description: a pastel neon coral stamping polish with purple-blue-green shimmer, purple/cyan/green/gold aurora pigments, and blue-green-gold microflakes.

Swatches were done with a clear jelly stamper by Ejubas that I purchased off Amazon. I found the best results with very gentle pressing straight down to pick up the image from the plate. Too hard or rolling caused some parts of the image to not get transferred. So be gentle and you’ll get those nice crisp lines. This is fully opaque over black. If you’re new to stamping, these polishes are much thicker than normal polish and can be used to make super easy gradients too. My final photo shows a gradient with Moonflower’s Azul, and there’s no white undies used there. This will dry quite matte whether stamped, gradient-ed (I’m making that a word), or worn alone so a good glossy topcoat will bring out the shimmers.

Moonflower polish I just can't waitmoonflower polish I just cant wait 2moonflower polish i just cant wait 3moonflower polish i just cant wait 4moonflower polish i just cant wait 5

Cap: 50

Price: $10

I told ya’ll. This month was going to be HARD on our wallets. SO MANY pretties!! These will all launch on the PPU site May 4th at 11am EST and run until midnight EST of May 7th.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤