Finals have taken over my life the last few weeks. Talk about a GAUNTLET. I’m back at it swinging heavy with this post! I have March and April spoilers for Baroness X’s monthly mythical mystery boxes. Remember this year is all about space for the overall theme so we’ve got another two planets to oogle at. Let’s get to it!

March’s theme was Neptune. This beauty is a foiled aqua. Sparkly and shimmery goodness give an almost metallic feel. There’s gold shimmer and a heavy sprinkling of holo in here. Swatches show three thin coats. If you’ve got shorter nails two should be good. I meant to trim my nails down but Sally’s has failed me twice in my search for a particular pair of nail clippers so I got a little lazy not wanting to file until I got to my desired length. Why, Sallys, why??

This month’s extra goodies was a lip scrub and a mini balm!

baroness x neptunebaroness x neptune 2baroness x neptune 3barones x neptune 4

April’s month was inspired by Earth! Gaia is a dense topper with lots of Pegasus pee, a sprinkling of blue flakes, and a touch of unicorn pee. Please note, my wax in the photo is different than what was in the boxes. Official wax is in adorable little aqua balls and scented in pineapple upside down cake. The other extra was a 3 oz. bottle of hydrating matte lotion in the scent pineapple punch.


Gaia is shown here as one coat over black. In person I really don’t think you need any more than one coat. Obviously if you want a load of shimmer on your nails then you’d probably do two. I was satisfied with the one, and it was enough to coat my entire nail. I see green as the dominant color and blue on angles. The flakes are scattered nicely. You can see the tiny bit of pee in there as red specks on my nails. I can’t stress enough how amazing this looks in the sun! You’ll see a bit of the red poking out here and there.

baroness x gaiabaroness x gaia 2baroness x gaia 4baroness x gaia 5

I’ve blabbed about my new camera enough but I’m still tweaking my style with lighting and whatnot so here I turned down the copious amount of light that I use so you can see the shift.

baroness x gaia 6

Here the unicorn pee is peeking out from the Pegasus pigment.  baroness x gaia 7baroness x gaia 8

EDIT: I’m apparently very rusty. Here is Gaia over Doomed, the purple jelly undie from BX. It’s definitely more in your face in person. I think Gaia looks fab on just about any dark undie.

purplepurple 2

The hydrating matte lotion is a new formulation and I love it to pieces. I’ve used it a few times after the shower and it soaks in nicely. Very non greasy and I can go to sit down on my suede couch without having to worry about getting my freshly lotioned legs on it. Pineapple punch smells SOO good. It’s heavy on the pineapple with a perfect ratio of fruit punch in the background. Summer perfection. It’s got a thinner formula, some slide to it but makes for a perfect hand lotion (though I’ve been using it as body lotion and it’s been wonderful as well).

lotionlotion 2

Hoped you grabbed these, they are absolutely stunning! Gaia will be making a very small return on the 19th during the big restock with a few bottles of over pour. If you’re wanting it then I definitely recommend marking your calendar since it won’t return. Future MMM boxes go up for sale usually for two weeks in the middle of the month for the next months box. Keep an eye out for the pinned post to have those dates added. I’ve also added a link to the spoilers group in case you want to be fully spoiled each month with the boxes 😉

Thanks so much for reading! ❤