Ya’ll knew I was going to be ultra excited for this month’s polish pickup theme. After all, my nail account’s name began with the obsession for always being a mage class in any game where I can choose a preference. This month I’ll be sharing swatches and info from (alphabetically) Baroness X, Crystal Knockout, Emily de Molly, Heather’s Hues, and Moonflower Polish. Seriously, the maker’s just keep lifting the bar every month. If I thought nostalgia was making last month horrible for my wallet, this month is going to be pure destruction on the purse strings! Once again, I’ll be going over each brand in alphabetical order. Grab some snacks, get comfy and clutch those wallets…

Baroness X chose two entries for this month. First, is an acetone antidote that includes an adorable multichrome pineapple vinyl. Fun fact, I am actually known with my professors for pineapples. I proposed a project involving removing the enzyme that breaks our mouths out and that’s how I landed my research projects. But I digress, I’ll leave science out of this post… for now. This months antidote is in the scent pineapple punch soda! To me, it smells remarkably like pineapple Fanta. There’s pineapple as the main note, with an almost equal amount of punch and the fizz is nice and strong. It’s not overbearingly sweet, I’d classify it as straight fruity fizz. This set was inspired by the bubbles that Bub and Bob make in the old school game Bubble Bobble that Demi played as a kid.


The acetone antidote bottle is 15 ml, you add an entire vial to 6-8 ounces of acetone to soften the harshness and drying effects that it usually has while preserving the power of polish removal. I like to stay on the 6 ounce side so that the scent stays strong and I get loads of moisturizing effects on my cuticles. You can also add it to any remover really, it doesn’t have to be pure acetone (though that is the intended use).

Cap: 200

Price: $5.00

The second contribution is polish! This shade was inspired by The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. I’m a big time fan of point and click adventures (think: Sierra) so I’m pleasantly surprised this is a new title to me. Definitely checking it out!

Unwritten Tales. Official description: a dirty eggplant (cool) to mauve (warm) thermal packed with metallic copper shimmer and super bright pink to green iridescent aurora flakes, with some added copper holo microglitter sprinkled throughout.

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula has a light/medium feel that builds nicely and dries down a touch satin, so your topcoat will give it that glassy look. The shimmer is very noticeable in person and I think it compliments both states nicely. I had no issues with fishing for the flakes to come up and there was no texture after application. Apologies for the very wet fingers, this thermal was very sensitive and would not stay put for me in one state!

baroness x unwritten talebaroness x unwritten tale 3baroness x unwritten tale 4baroness x unwritten tale 7baroness x unwritten tale 5baroness x unwritten tale 6

Cap: 200

Price: $11.50

Crystal Knockout chose Splatoon 2 for her inspiration. This is such a fun game, my best friend is obsessed with it and I can’t wait until his next visit so we can play together!

Color Pulse. Official description: a black holo base with a green aurora, pink shift, iridescent rainbow glitter, chameleon micro glitter in green-blue-purple, and pink-green-gold iridescent flakies. Also, glow in the dark!

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. This is so sparkly! Formula has a light feel, but builds easily. If you have a heavier hand, two coats should do just fine. The shimmer has a nice green shift on tilt that compliments all those colorful flecks from the flakes. I had no issues with fishing and everything applied evenly on the nail. This does have the tiniest bit of texture after topcoating; if you use a thicker topcoat you shouldn’t have any issues. Even with what I’m feeling it is not a big deal, just felt it should be noted. The base to me is a soft black just barely leaning dark charcoal, and the shimmer dominantly appears in the purple shift. The glow in the dark effect is nice and strong, especially if charged under a light for a few seconds. It’ll appear a light green.

crystal knockout color pulse 4crystal knockout color pulse 5

Switching it up here and playing with angles in direct light.

crystal knockout color pulse 8crystal knockout color pulse 9crystal knockout color pulse 6crystal knockout color pulse 7

Soooo. I am not well versed in taking photos of glow in the dark polishes, but I promise it’s bright in the dark!


Cap: 275

Price: $13.00

Emily de Molly chose Abe’s Odyssey! I played this game so much on PC back in the day. I was that teen that wanted to just hole herself in her room with either a PC or a console lol.

Odd Strategy. Official description: a dark lilac grey with green to purple shifting shimmer and blue chrome flakes.

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. This dries down a bit satin as well, so topcoating will make the shimmer and flakes pop. The shimmer is very obvious in person and appears dominantly green on the nail, with a lovely light purple shift on tilt. I had no issues getting even dispersal or pickup with the flakes and they give a nice scattered effect. Formula has a medium feel with a creamy application.

emily de molly odd strategy 6

emily de molly odd strategy 3emily de molly odd strategy 4emily de molly odd strategy 5

Cap: 230

Price: $11.00

Heather’s Hues went with Fortnite for her inspiration! Specifically the skin Sparkle Specialist (which is so awesome). I’ll admit I haven’t played this one yet but it has been on my radar for my summer gaming binge this year.

Sparkle Specialist. Official description: a sparkly silver holo base with an iridescent shimmer that shifts from blue to indigo to pink, packed with a rainbow of multichrome and iridescent flakes.

Swatches show three coats on it’s own with topcoat. This builds nicely and has a medium feel to it. If wearing on its own, the first coat will look pretty sheer but it has great viscosity so at the second coat you’ll see opacity start. This bad boy is LOADED with goodies and there’s something different to see depending on your lighting and angle. The base is very shifty, I caught pinks, purples, blues and some golds too. I had no issues with even distribution on my nails, and no texture after topcoating. (FTR I used seche in all of these photos).

heathers hues sparkle specialist 2heathers hues sparkle specialist 5heathers hues sparkle specialist 3heathers hues sparkle specialist 6heathers hues sparkle specialist 8heathers hues sparkle specialist 9

Here’s one coat over black. You can see how it takes on such a different appearance. The flakes are still showing up as a mosaic of rainbows, but the base takes center stage. First time I had focusing problems on the new camera haha!

heathers hues sparkle specialist black 3heathers hues sparkle specialist black 2heathers hues sparkle specialist black

And for giggles, I put it over one of my favorite creams to push this polish a little further for what it can do. Here’s one coat over Zoya Aubrey (mauve). I tried getting lower light shots here because the blue just popped so much more over the mauve.

heathers hues sparkle specialist mauve 4heathers hues sparkle specialist mauveheathers hues sparkle specialist mauve 2

Cap: None

Price: $13.00

Moonflower Polish went with Skyrim, particularly the realm of Sovngarde for her inspiration. This is a place where the mightiest of warriors go after they pass, it’s a great mead hall with a never ending feast. The last time I played Skyrim was in VR, and it was intense!

Hope of the Brave. Official description: a neon navy blue with red-copper-orange-gold UCC flakes, purple-green aurora pigment, silver galaxy holo glitter, red/copper shimmer, and scattered holo.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. The base is a gorgeous rich blue. The aurora pigment is a bit subtle, but you can see peeks of purple here and there. I had no issues with picking up the flakes and the scattered holo gives a subtle sparkle. Formula has a medium feel that applies very creamy and opaque. My nails were smooth to the touch after topcoat. I recommend a good glossy topcoat since this will dry down a bit satin like on its own.

moonflower polish hope of the brave 3moonflower polish hope of the brave 2moonflower polish hope of the brave 5

Cap: 100

Price: $12.00

I apologize if this post loaded a little slow for mobile users, I think I went a bit crazy with photos this month lol. So many pretties, and the makers just NAILED these inspirations! Polish Pickup opens June 1, at 11am EST and ends midnight of June 4th est. Be sure to load up that wish list beforehand so you don’t miss out on anything capped!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤