I have one more polish to squeeze in for this month’s polish pickup release. Due to shipping constraints we have one last straggler 😉

Victoria of Blush Lacquers chose Wave Race 64, which I totally remember and it was so much fun to play!

Ride the Wave. Official description: A teal-toned aqua base loaded with holo flakes and a strong pink shimmer that shifts to orange (and gold and green at extreme angles).

Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. Depending on your application style and nail length, I’d say this will be opaque at 2-3 coats. The base to me is a nice aqua that leans almost baby blue. This polish is LOADED with holo flakes that laid down flat for me during application. The shimmer is very strong and you can easily see the shift. Looking straight down at my nails, I see a dominant pink and on tilt the gold comes out the play, with green on the edges in shaded lights. I can’t stress enough how in your face the shimmer is: it creates warmth and depth on your nails. After topcoat, my nails are smooth to the touch (I’m rubbing my fingers as I type this).

blush lacquers ride the wave 9blush lacquers ride the wave 8

Here you can see all that glorious shimmer coming out.

blush lacquers ride the wave

This is in direct light. Pretty sure my camera couldn’t decide whether to focus on the shimmer or holo flakes, so it was royal freak out time.

blush lacquers ride the wave direct

One last shot, I dimmed the lights like crazy so the lighting isn’t the best but here you can see how strong the shimmer is. Keep in mind the base is  a touch lighter than what this photo represents.

blush lacquers ride the wave direct 4

Cap: None

Price: $13.00

If you’d like to check out my previous post with additional makers for June’s PPU release, click here. Polish Pickup opens tomorrow 6/1 at 11am EST and will run until 6/4 at midnight EST. Get those wish lists ready polish geeks!

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