I’m so excited to sit down and write up this post because I’ve been bursting at the seams to share this duo with everyone! Demi of Baroness X has made new group customs for the BX fangroup. To purchase these you’ll need to be a member- as usual all links will be at the end of this post.

I’d like to start out by saying that both of these are meant to be toppers. The base is a touch tinted so that they’ll pop in the bottles. With that said, I chose to make this post focus on stressing just how much pee is in both polishes (double the pigment) so I went with a black base to make it the most obvious. These are truly magical, guys. I’ve created hi res videos to show these bad boys off and I’ll be posting them to the group individually just after I publish this post.

Wildfire. Double the pee, with matching shifting flakies.

Swatches show one coat over black. My nails were transformed immediately on the first brush stroke. Formula has a medium feel and has that lovely squishy feel that we all love from BX. The shift is so intense with all that pigment. The obvious red and green shift pops up with golds and oranges on tilt. Easy peasy. You can use whatever topcoat since this dries down semi-glossy but a high gloss topcoat will REALLY give you that ultra shifty glass look. The flakies give a nice scattered appearance on your nails and lay down flat. They compliment the shimmer very well.

baroness x wildfire 7baroness x wildfire 9baroness x wildfire 8baroness x wildfire 4baroness x wildfire 6baroness x wildfire

Wildfire (holo). Double unicorn pee with matching flakies and holo.

Swatches show one coat over black. Identical to Wildfire, but there’s twinkling holo all over. One thing that I really appreciate about this one is that the holo particles are tiny. They’re perfectly small so that they take a back seat to the UP and let it steal the show. It’s still very noticeable and gives a superb sparkle effect all over. I wouldn’t call it linear, but a dense scatter effect. I say this lightly because they’re both so special, but I think I like this more just a teeny bit. Demi really knows her pigments and the ratio of holo to pee is perfect.

baroness x wildfire holo 5baroness x wildfire holo 6baroness x wildfire holo 7baroness x wildfire holo 2baroness x wildfire holo 3baroness x wildfire holo 4baroness x wildfire holo

Lastly, I wanted to show Wildfire over Vulcan Blood (which is in stock in the BX shop) but photos just did NOT do it justice. I almost didn’t include them in this post because it’s just something you need to see in person, but here ya go! These were shot in super low light because pee just doesn’t like showing up in photos!

wildfirewildfire 2

Both of these will be releasing in the shop June 16th at noon pst. There is a limit of one bottle per person. A cap has not been established yet, since everything is still being finalized.

  • Wildfire $21
  • Wildfire (holo) $21
  • Wildfire duo (mini bottles) $25 These will be released on June 30th at noon pst. Only one release of the mini set.

As mentioned earlier, you must be a member of the FB fangroup to purchase.

With all group customs, a hidden shop link will be posted to the group at launch time. Be sure to find the pinned post at the top of the group to get access to it. Thanks so much for reading! ❤

If you’d like to see these swatched in action, click HERE.